2 Best Hand Creams For Post Winter Dry Skin


With all the constant hand washing and using hand sanitisers, I have been treating my skin to some new hand creams and balms to help soothe and moisturise my dry and eczema prone hands. These products and brands are fairly new to me so I wanted to share with you how I am enjoying them so far.

Necessaire The Hand Cream 65ml USD$20

The hand cream is encased in a white recyclable tube with a small black cap twist lid—I love its simple aesthetic. It is described as a fast-absorbing daily peptide and multi-vitamin moisturiser, consisting of ingredients such as vitamin b³, vitamin c, vitamin e, omega-6, omega-9 and squalene. The Hand Cream is clean, effective, vegan, hypoallergenic that nourishes and protects skin upon contact.

I used about half a pea size for both hands as it spreads easily, feels super moisturised and nourished as soon as I massage between my palms and back of my hands. It also driers quite quickly with no greasy feel. This is fragrance-free so I don’t have any side affects from using this especially when my eczema starts to appear. It has actually helped to soothe, minimise the appearance of redness, itchy skin and continues to keep moisture locked in. I often rotate this with another hand cream before bed and work amazingly well to combat my dry hands.

Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm 75ml $33

The resurrection aromatique hand balm is encased similarly to the hand cream but it has a peachy exterior with more texture on the front. This hand cream I have been told is very popular and I was excited to try it when I had a chance to check their products.

Its key ingredients include: mandarin rind, rosemary leaf and cedar atlas. It has a fresh but mild citrus, woody and herbaceous aromas. Just like the hand cream, this hand balm easily spreads on the skin so less is more. It leaves my hands feel nourished, smooth, soft and has a true non-greasy finish. The fragrance is natural so I haven’t had any adverse reaction to using this, because I often would prefer using fragrance-free products over scented ones. But there are naturally scented products that my skin can tolerate without having any reactions to it.

These products can be found on their corresponding brand online store and check for your nearest stockist.

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