2 Steps To Get a Natural Sun-Kissed Glow With JERGENS

If you don’t know already, my skin colour from head to toe aren’t all the same. Because I’m naturally lazy, I have to depend on the easiest type of self tanning products to match the rest of my body to my face. I have been testing out Jergens natural glow products to see if they will be lazy girl approved!

*Natural Glow Color Primer 162ml $10.99

Step one- To obtain a streak-free tan, you must begin to prep your skin using Jergens natural glow-colour primer. This body scrub contains amino fruit extracts that are gentle at exfoliating your skin. There is a mild fragrance of fresh fruit scent that lingers whilst your scrub your skin. When you use a loofah, the gel scrub lathers up nicely that has a texture of tiny brown grains that are gentle on skin, as it leaves it soft, smooth, nourished and ready for step 2.

*Natural Glow + Firming Daily Moisturiser (Medium-Tan) 221ml $14.99

Step two- To create a natural looking faux glow, use Jergens natural glow + firming moisturiser that will help to give you that gradual natural glow that you desire. I used this as my main moisturiser once a day after shower and allowed it to dry before wearing clothes. The cream moisturiser is described as subtle skin darkening complex that is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite in as little as 7 days.

I trialled this product for a total of 7 days and during this time, 5 days out of 7, I used this moisturiser to gain a natural and healthy tan. The more you use it the darker your skin will appear. I was quite happy that this moisturiser was easy to use, it dried quickly, without leaving any streaks or sticky-tacky feel. It also left skin hydrated through out the day and there wasn’t any chemical scent left behind.

After a day or so, I did begin to notice my skin to darken and overtime maintained a healthy medium tan shade on my skin. I have post pregnancy cellulite and stretch marks and towards the end of the trial week, I found some cellulite and stretch marks around my tummy and thighs to have minimised it’s appearance. I wouldn’t say it had disappeared as I could still see it. Best of all, this is a lazy girl’s tried and tested product approved.

This product is available in two shades – for lighter and darker skin tones, and is suitable for all skin types and to be used whenever you want an even sun-kissed skin all year around. These products are available for purchase from Priceline Pharmacy nationally.