3 Steps to Healthy, Shiny & Beautiful Nails With NU SKIN DR. DANA Nail Care System


Since becoming a mum for the second time around means I have had less time to beautify myself, aka #selfcare aka #metime! I decided that my nails required some tlc and I would just give myself 10 minutes using this NU Skin Dr. Dana Nail Care System.

*DR. DANA Nail Care System $61

The Dr. Dana Nail Care System is described as a system that can help to rejuvenate processed nails and help them look great. The secret is the functional ingredients such as bioactive phyto crystal complex, which is a natural nail-hydrating formula that is suppose to be good for the nails and cuticles. This nail care system is also said to be free of harmful chemicals that can essential further damage nails over time.

The results may vary, but it claims to get instant beautiful and healthy looking nails from the first use. Below are 3 steps on how to use the Dr. Dana nail care system. You can find this 3 step guide on the back of the box packaging.

Step 1- Glycolic Prep for Nails

This nail treatment is to help with nail exfoliation. Apply to once weekly to clean, dry and unpolished nails. The product is a twist pen with a brush tip applicator. Brush a thin layer to nails and allow for the product to be absorbed and dry before continuing with step 2.

Step 2- Perfect Gift Priming Wand (aka nail filer

This wand features 3 multitasking levels of abrasiveness that can help with gently priming nails and remove damaged surface nail cells.

Begin with surface 01 and sweep this over the nails. A powdery overlay will appear which indicates you to move to surface 02. Follow on with surface 03 that requires you to press firmly as you sweep the wand back and forth until you have achieved a lustrous nail shine.

Step 3- Deep Hydrating Formula

This twist pen contains a gel-oil formulation of natural ingredients that can help nails appear, healthier, shinier and stronger.

Start by saturating the brush tip applicator of this pen and apply product to over nails, cuticles and surrounding skin. This will help to rejuvenate, moisturise and promote a renewed appearance. Use this product for replication a few times a week.

As you can see from my before and after photos. Initially, my nails appeared dull, lack-lustre and requires some extra care. I found that I needed to wait for the step 3 to fully dry as the product appeared to be a thick formula rather than a fluid consistency. Once completed, I could see how lovely my nails looked and you can get an idea of how instant you could beautify your nails in the comfort of your home.

It is quick, easy to use and as I continued to use over the 2 weeks, my nails looked pleasantly better than I had imagined. Definitely recommend this 3 step nail care system if you’re after a do it yourself that gives lasting results of shiny, hydrated and healthy-looking nails!

To view the product or see other NU SKIN products, please visit their website for more information.