7 Eyebrow Shaping Tricks for Women with Thin Eyebrows


Back in the days, thin, over plucked eyebrows was a rage. Everyone from Angelina Jolie to Victoria Beckham to Megan Fox have fallen prey to this cringe worthy fashion trend. Thanks to Cara Delevingne, this trend is now over for good. Cara introduced the fashion world to rich, luscious and fully-grown eyebrows that are on fleek every time we set our eyes on her. We have seen models and celebrities carry rich and luscious eyebrow looks that has become the new trend now. But, for women who have had thin eyebrows, this deemed to be an impossible goal to achieve. 

We know the struggle of leaving eyebrows untouched for days, hoping they will grow back miraculously, but much to our dismay, things do not happen that way, although, there are a few clever tricks and tips to make your eyebrows look thicker. Please note, there is absolutely nothing bad to feel if you have thin eyebrows, as there are natural ways to get thicker and natural looking eyebrows. Follow these 7 eyebrow shaping tricks below if you have thin eyebrows.

Go for What Suits You – Okay, I admit, not everyone can have Cara Delevingne’s eyebrows. Not everyone can pull off that look, honestly. What you need to do is to examine your own face carefully and use an eyebrow guide to decide what eyebrow look will best suit you.


Know Your Natural Eyebrow Shape – The best way is to know your natural brow shape. At times, due to over plucking, it is hard to determine the natural shape and length of ones brows. To fill in your eyebrows, try to determine what your natural brow length, size and know where your arch begins.

Pick the Right Eyebrow Shade – Pick a shade to fill out your eyebrows that compliments both your skin tone and your hair colour. Otherwise, it will be a disaster if you chose the wrong shade and colour to fill in your eyebrows.


Use Concealer for Grip – If your eyebrows are thin, they will lack grip, as the powder will not stick to them. To solve this, use concealer, as it will help keep the powder in place. It will not smudge and will stick in the shape of the eyebrow. Dab a small amount of concealer in the brow region and brush powder over it.

Maintain Your Distance from the Mirror – Most women stand super close to a mirror while plucking their brows. This is where the problem starts, as many of us are not able to determine how much we pluck by standing close to a mirror. It is best to keep your distance from the mirror when you are plucking your eyebrows.

Do Not Make a Mess – Having thick brows does not mean having a bush over your eyes. Do not over pluck your eyebrows and neither should you overgrow them. Keep them tiny and natural looking.

Nothing Like Flawless – A lot of women fret over the fact that their brows are not identical so they keep plucking them. Stop doing this. It is okay even if your brows are not exactly the same. Go for a natural brow look, as this will give you a softer and more elegant appearance.

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About The Author:

Anamika Dutta is a beauty expert, hairstylist researcher and a blogger for Be Trend Setter. She loves writing about beauty, hairstyles and lifestyle. She can be reached on Facebook and Pinterest.