A Burberry Beauty Haul No.1

PA Burberry Beauty Haul No.1

I never thought I would become an owner to some Burberry makeup products. Actually, I never really thought I would go for such high-end makeup. Although, I do enjoy visiting the high-end cosmetic counters at department stores and like swatching various lipsticks and eyeshadows, but never in my blogging dreams would I ever go for Burberry beauty. And I also like reading about what other bloggers have in their collection and what is considered holy grail.

I recently went online over at David Jones (DJs) and Sephora AU where some items I have below were reduced prices ( maybe discontinued shades–I do not know and paid full priced for others). I am a newbie when it comes to anything high-end makeup. I have not done any research to know whether the items I bought are on trend or discontinued products. I do not know the history of Burberry and to tell you now, I do not have any interest in rehashing the history pages. (But I do enjoy watching the history documentary channel! 😛 )

A Burberry Beauty Haul No.1 b


Let us just pause for a moment and allow this gorgeous gunmetal case, magnetic closure and the well known Burberry houndstooth pattern engulf our eyeballs. It is a very luxurious brand, but also very classic – they have stayed true to their aesthetic and only what I know of is that some formulas may have been updated to better qualities.

Each eyeshadow or powdered item come with a matching houndstooth velvet patterned dust case, for which I have no idea why. But I suppose if you have to spend extra on packaging, why not add the miniature dust cases as well. While we are on the topic, you could use these velvet dust cases to wipe away finger prints if you plan on taking photos or just prefer the look of dust-free, semi-new makeup.

A Burberry Beauty Haul No.1 c

I was very hesitant to really put my fingers on these as they (eyeshadows and illuminating face powder are very pretty I might add) sat comfortably inside their cases. I was not completely ready to swatch them for this post, but for future reviews, I will have to give in and really test them for their quality and longevity. If you want to see these reviews, let me know which one you are interested in reading more about.

The lipstick I have yet to swatch and the only one that I have used is the lip glow. I think, from my liquid lip-glossy-lipstick experience, this stuff is the OG of all liquid lipsticks out there. I ♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎ this so much that it smells good enough to lick off, not that I have attempted to do so. The scent so much reminds me of a bowl of ripen and fresh cranberries. The formula is light, gives a generous amount of shine and the colour is opaque that is a great nude-everyday all day to wear and I love it a hella a lot.

Have you guys tried Burberry makeup? What’s your favourite product?

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