A Moisturising Organic Body Scrub By Manda Made

A Moisturising Organic Body Scrub By Manda Made

Just like skincare for the face, I also pamper my body to get rid of flakey, dull and dry skin. To look its best all day and everyday, I use a combination of body washes, body scrubs and body moisturisers. Manda Made produces a range of body scrubs (chocolate and mint) that is locally sourced with natural, certified organic ingredients that is suitable for everyone, is vegan friendly and cruelty free. 

Manda Made is an Australian brand that proudly supports and donates a portion of its sales to Australia’s leading animal protection agency, the Animal’s Australia. This is a fantastic movement to end animal cruelty for good and all the more to show love and support for this amazing brand.

I tend to be quite picky when it comes to body scrubs, as I have used a variety in the past that do not always work. I especially like my body scrubs to have a mild, grainy texture that I know will work with removing the flakes and keep skin smooth and ready for any moisturiser to be fully absorbed into the skin. I was sent this sample *Manda Made Moisturising Organic Body Scrub Chocolate and let me share with you what I think about this product.

Ingredients include: brown sugar, raw sugar, coconut oil, raw almonds (choc), cacao powder (choc), peppermint oil (mint) and olive oil. These oils help to moisturise and revitalise the skin, while the sugar acts as a natural exfoliant to banish dead skin cells.

A Moisturising Organic Body Scrub By Manda Made 2

The way I prefer to use this product is to use the spoon to scoop out a similar size to a 20 cent Australian coin, a generous amount to cover different parts of my body and even the heels of my feet. I place into the palm of my hands and press together to soften up before I gently massage into the skin, which for me creates little mess and product waste. I use this product at least 2 or 3 times a week and I have noticed just how smooth, soft and nourished my skin looks and feels already (it has only been a week and a half). As lazy as I have become over these past weeks and being winter, I have not gravitated to using a body moisturiser for my skin after shower (when I use this in my shower routine). In the long term, the product claims to help minimise stretch marks visibility and is also suitable to use while pregnant. I know I still have some stretch marks from my pregnancy, so I am looking forward to seeing if this will help to reduce the size and hopefully blur them out.


– This ridiculously smells and reminds me of yummy fudge brownie (not the plastic or fake kind) that entices me every time I use it–to want to eat it [I have not tried, but it is okay if you want a little taste!] – The scent lingers when you massage into skin and let it absorb, after rinsing, the scent fades
– Uses 100% natural, raw and certified organic ingredients that is only good for your skin
– Australian made and owned, also supports Animal’s Australia
– Comes with spoon, which is very handy
– Easy to use with minimal waste and is not messy at all
– Very moisturising that you do not need to add moisturiser to the skin post shower
– Leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and replenished all day
– Mild grainy texture that is not harsh or too coarse on the skin.

A Moisturising Organic Body Scrub By Manda Made4


– Sadly, not good enough to eat 🙁 [it is safe to eat, unless you are allergic to nuts, then I do not recommend you eat it!]

– If you do not like chocolate scents, this might put you off
– Has a slight oily feel after use, but I would not consider this as a negative, since I feel this is the added benefit of not having to moisturise post shower.

**Edit 5:25PM: Just thought I would let you guys know that it is safe if this body scrub happens to land inside your mouth. I have been informed by Amanda, founder of Manda Made that “every ingredient on the list is comprised of things you can actually consume (ingredients are completely chemical-free).. [sic].. However, eating it will do no harm unless you’re allergic to nuts!”

Manda Made skincare will be available to purchase online from August 8th 2016, but in the meantime, check out their website + social media to keep updated regularly:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/MandaMade.official/
Instagram: www.instagram.com/mandamade.official/
Website: www.mandamade.com.au 

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