AMALIE BEAUTY Shine Facial Oil + Persimmon Crème

Do you ever wonder about how skincare products are ethically sourced? Where they come from or how they are grown? We may often don’t initiate a conversation around how naturally derived or how true skincare products that claim to be cruelty free or contain organic ingredients. Amalie Beauty farm to face collection have chosen to organically grow, harvest and extract ingredients from their farm in Greene County, Indiana to produce their beauty products. Continue reading to learn more.

“Our mission is to solve the world’s toughest beauty problems with real science and natural ingredients.” –

*Shine Organic Brightening Facial Oil 10ml US$45

This facial oil aims to help brighten dark spots, fade blemishes and moisturise dry skin. It contains ingredients such as pomegranate oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, seed oil, licorice extract, lemon peel oil, bearberry extract, elderberry fruit extract, grapefruit seed oil and jasmine oil, which bring out that fresh and fruity aroma you will love.

The formula is this lightweight oil that leaves skin feel soft, radiant looking without leaving a heavy greasy feel on the skin. As result of use over the last few weeks, I have noticed that my skin tone has slightly even out, my pores minimised and overall my skin looked hydrated and healthy in appearance.

*Persimmon Anti-Aging Night Creme 50ml US$90

This night crème is the latest product to be part of the handmade Farm to Face collection. It contains ingredients such as persimmon leaf water + persimmon leaf extract (an ingredient grown on an Indiana farm), pumpkin seed oil, ceterayl olivate (and) sorbitan olivate, black walnut oil, organic olives, hydrogenated castor oil, hyaluronic acid, persimmon fragrance, phenoxyethanol. It aims to hydrate and nourish dry, tired skin, and also contains a powerful extracts ingredient from persimmon leaf that can help to reduce visible signs of ageing.

The lightweight lotion consistency feels so luxurious on the skin. It works in synergy with the shine brightening organic facial oil, which meant that it could easily be absorbed without feeling heavy or clogged pores. As a result of using over the last few weeks when teamed up with the shine facial oil, it had made my skin feel soft, smooth, nourished and skin looking it’s best.

You can find these cruelty free, vegan friendly, gluten free Amalie Beauty products and more on their website. To keep updated with the latest, be sure to follow them on their social media: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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