ANDALOU NATURALS: CannaCell® Organic Hemp Seed Oil + Hemp Stem Cell Range


The much awaited new collection from Andalou Naturals – CannaCell® range, developed to help distressed skin restored and glowing to maximise in optimal condition. The buzz word Hemp is a fibre-rich variety of cannabis sativa plant species that has undetectable levels of THC or CBD, it is non-phycoactive and has no recreational use, but offers multiple benefits found in hemp oil and hemp seeds. Continue reading to learn more about this new collection.

The line CannaCell® is described as a super-powered cannabis sativa antioxidants that has been cultivated from hemp stem cells. These antioxidants have claimed to counteract free radicals, oxidative damage, sun exposure, pollution and premature ageing. And before you ask, Andalou Naturals CannaCell® and its key ingredients hemp stem cells and hemp seed oil DO NOT contain cannabinoid molecules including THC and CBD.

Beauty Oil 30ml $24.99*

The CannaCell beauty oil is one of my favourites this winter season. It’s described as a nourishing botanical that enriched with hemp stem cells, organic hemp seed oil and plant essential oils that leaves skin replenished and gives a gorgeous glowing skin.

This multipurpose beauty oil has been a staple these past few months. I have been incorporating it as part of my body care routine, using it post shower and any time in the day when my skin requires a much need TLC. A little goes a long way as it absorbs quickly into the skin leaving a supple, soft, smooth, moisturised skin that doesn’t leave a greasy residue.

It is perfect for inflamed, irritated, itchy, dry and dehydrated skin types. This can also be used on the face as your facial oil or as a body oil. It is lightweight but rich that doesn’t clog pores.

Pressed Serum 30g $24.99*

This CannaCell pressed serum is another one of my faves. It is a solid balm that transforms into a beautiful serum as the emollients melt into my skin. It’s lightweight that you need about half a pea size for your face and neck areas. So far, I have found that with this serum it’s non-greasy or sticky. It absorbs into the skin as it leaves my skin instantly brighter, a subtle glow and most importantly skin appeared plumped and soothed.

It can also help with certain skin conditions other than dry and dehydrated skins such as eczema and dermatitis. This is suitable for all skin types especially those with sensitive skins.  This serum is the perfect travel companion size and will sure be a staple come summer time.

Happy Day Cream 50g $29.99*

The light nourishing botanical happy day cream is infused with the same key ingredients as the other products in this line, hemp stem cells (help to counteract free radicals, sun exposure, premature ageing), hemp seed oil (rich in vitamins e, c, b1, b2, b3, b6) and pure plant essential oils that are said to help counteract oxidative damage and assist with soothing distressed skin to help reveal a restored and glowing complexion.

This day cream is one I will use during the summer season where my skin enjoys lighter consistency moisturisers. I have used it during this cold and dry season, however have preferred to reach for more rich and nourishing face creams for my dry and dehydrated skin. This is suitable for all skin types, but if you prefer to use lighter creams during winter, this is great for those with normal skin types. It won’t weigh down on skin. it soothes redness and keeps skin nourished all day.

Glow Mask 50g $22.99*

The CannaCell glow mask is best described as an exfoliating enzyme jelly mask that helps to dissolve dry surface cells as it leaves a soothes, soft and glowing skin.

This jelly glow mask has a tingling sensation upon application as it works to gently exfoliate skin. It is recommended to leave on between 10-20 minutes and rise with warm water. This has been my go-to winter face mask. I found it instantly leaves a fresh, soothed, hydrated, minimised pores, plumped and brightened skin. Overnight skin continues to glow and appeared supple. I used this about 1-2 times a week or when my skin appeared dull and needed to be energised.

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