Anti Wrinkle Primer + Cover Max Hydrating Foundation From Mikatvonk Makeup By JayJay

This brand is fairly new to me and now knowing this is part of a professional makeup line that is sold exclusively online and through the Makeup School Sydney is exciting. I was fascinated to try some makeup products that have been produced combining skincare in Makeup. I love Asian skincare products in general and anything that was made in Korea makes me jump for joy.

“My number one priority was to create foolproof formulas with silky textures, buildable coverage and incredible staying power so that you can recreate on any given day, without needing a pro like me to do it for you.” – Jay Jay, co-founder of Mikatvonk Makeup.

*Anti Wrinkle Primer 60ml

This anti wrinkle primer contains adenosine and ceramide to improve skin from the inside and out. It’s a very hydrating primer that gives a lovely natural glow and wear it alone or as your base pre-makeup application. It claims that it’s great for mature skin where if you have fine lines, wearing this will help to prevent foundation sink into fine lines. Instead it will create a smooth base to allow foundation to glide onto skin and give a flawless finish.

I like this primer purely for the moisturising benefits and how it leaves my skin smooth, soft and ready for the rest of my makeup. I also used this as a base for my eyeshadows as it keeps them on longer without creasing over time. Since I don’t have fine lines yet, I can’t say this has avoided makeup from sinking into my skin, however, as a general primer, it’s a lovely base to use, especially if you are experiencing dry skin patches as this will help to replenish moisture back into your skin.

*Cover Max Hydrating Foundation NB 23 Skin Beige 35ml

There is nothing better than foundation in a pump bottle. I found this easier to dispense foundation without contamination. This hydrating foundation has a lightweight consistency that’s almost fluid rather than creamy. It has skincare benefits that hydrates skin all day and promotes a natural and even-toned glow.

I found that using a buffing makeup brush or foundation brush works best to glide the product seamlessly onto the skin. It gives a light to medium coverage, however buildable. If you have super dry skin, I recommend you moisturise or use a hydrating primer before you use this foundation, as it can make the dry skin appear in patches and you can’t hide from it.

This shade was close to my neck colour as my face is slightly darker. I do like that it quite matched my neck to give an even tone without looking too light for my medium face skin tone. The foundation lasted a good 5 hours before my t-zone began to break into an oily mess, mainly around my forehead and nose areas. Overall, a very nice and semi-matte foundation that is suitable for all skin types.

If you are interested in purchasing these products and would like to view the rest of her makeup line, check on the website for more information. You can also find Makeup by JayJay products at a boutique cosmetics educational institute at the Makeup School Sydney.


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