Australian & Effective Skincare From AQUA DE VIDA

Aqua De Vida is an all natural and Australian made skincare brand launching soon. I have been given an opportunity to preview and try some products from this range. Continue reading to learn more.

“Gemstones are rare and beautiful products of nature. Each gemstone carries a specific attributes and benefits, making them all unique in their own way. Our products are suitable for all skin types, and have been characterised into different gemstone ranges based on benefits and skin type they are most suitable for.” – Aqua De Vida.

*Vitamin E & Coconut Oil – Pre Cleanse 100ml $49

This pre cleanse product is part of the Turquoise Range, which is suitable for dry/dehydrated skin types. It is essentially a soap-free cleansing oil based that features a combination of coconut and avocado oils, vitamin e. These natural ingredients work effectively together to melt and remove stubborn makeup, while replenishing skins natural oils.

Double cleansing has recently been adopted into my evening skincare routine, which I found this pre cleansing oil to be one of the best and gentle at cleansing skin with and without makeup. My skin has been smiling from ear to ear when I use this product. It has left my skin feel soft, smooth and soothes down dry skin.

*Lash Balm – Oil Blend 6ml $24

This lash balm is part of the Sapphire range, which is to offer strength and stimulating properties. When it comes to naturally growing my eyelashes, I haven’t quite found a product that was easy and convenient to apply. Not only does this lash balm encourage length, but it also promotes thicker and stronger lashes. The formula contains natural fatty acids, vitamins and nutrients to help hydrate hair follicles and keep lashes nourished.

The product comes in a form of a mascara tube that consists of a long wand with short bristles on one side and a domed-like shape on the other. This ensures that each lash receives a coat of the oil blend formula (coconut,  grape seed, castor and jojoba oils)–just like when you apply mascara the bristles coats and separates each lash. This product can also be used on eye brows.

I found this product so far to condition my lashes as they slowly thicken and appear more full, especially around the roots. I hope to see continued results in terms of lengthening, however, I am happy to see them appear healthy and nourished after two weeks application.

For more information and updates from Aqua De Vida product launches, please visit their instagram account: @aquade_vida .

Are you excited for the upcoming launch of Aqua De Vida?