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From my past experiences of using foundations / tinted moisturisers found from the drugstore has never gone well. This is because I could never find the right shade that would match my face and body. As you may know, I have different shades of skin tone, but my face is the darkest shade. I am always on a hunt to find the perfect foundation / tinted moisturiser that simply blends well with my natural complexion, but also one that compliments the rest of my body.

“Our products are founded upon scientifically proven ingredients to produce visible results to improve the quality of your skin, our highly potent active ingredients penetrate the skin to fight the premature signs of ageing and create smoother, more elastic and plumper skin, yet are gentle enough to use everyday.” – Beauty By Nicholas.

*Beauty By Nicholas Foundation No More SPF 30+ Medium 30ml $39.99

The foundation no more comes in a pump dispenser for easy access to product. The consistency is a creamy but lightweight formula, kind of reminds me of smooth peanut butter without it being greasy or oily. I was surprised to find how close it matched my skin tone that it did compliment the rest of my body as well. This shade-medium has the right balance of neutral and yellow undertone. I find it depressing when looking for a colour similar to this in other brands with little luck.

AA cream (anti-ageing cream) is suppose to help minimise the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, redness, while keeping skin hydrated. The formula consists of this biolumix skin flex technology, which are flexible light-diffusing pigments that adjust to your every move to disguise blemishes, giving you a natural and soft-focus look. This means that if you smiled or twitched your face, the product wouldn’t create creases on the skin that you may experience with other foundations or tinted moisturisers.

I used real techniques expert brush to blend and buff into my skin; it was easy to blend in without it leaving any streaks. One pump / drop was enough for the back of my hand and I used the same amount for my face that gave a semi-matte, light-medium coverage (no primer), but it is also buildable. I found that it covered some freckles and spots, and it gave that natural skin-like flawless finish, which is pretty close to camouflage makeup if you asked me!

Overall, this AA cream felt featherweight on the skin, it left a soft and hydrated complexion. I had compliments from family when I used this product. It definitely helped to minimise the appearance of those pesky large pores, redness around my nose and mouth, blemishes on my face, but on the back of my hand you can tell the difference–like it had been photoshopped. This Beauty by Nicholas foundation no more has become a favourite for that everyday no makeup-makeup look. I am happy to have been introduced to this product and know that there is a drugstore foundation / tinted moisturiser that works for me.

Have you tried this product? Did it work for you?

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