Beauty Products for a Post-Workout Glow

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It is no secret that a workout is good for your skin. It frees your body of toxins through sweat, and thus helps your skin to be clean and fresh. During one workout session, sweat sits on your face for quite some time and instead of fully clearing the pores, built up of matter settles back into your skin, which causes post-exercise redness, rashes and breakouts.

Proper skincare after intense physical activity is a must, and includes cleaning, repairing and nourishing the skin. Here are all the products you will ever need to achieve that:

Wet Wipes – Sometimes, it is simply impossible to squeeze in a quick shower right after workout. So, you should use wet wipes to clean your face and body. The wipes cool your skin and make you feel more comfortable.

Baby Powder – Baby powder is great for absorbing the excess oil after prolonged period of sweating, but it can also fight the post-workout perspiration. You should use it on the most sensitive areas, such as your face, chest and shoulders. The best thing about it? It is very affordable.

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Cleanser – As soon as you reach your bathroom, you should clean your face thoroughly in order to remove the bacteria left after sweating. Choose an alcohol free cleanser that will not irritate your skin, but if your skin is prone to breakouts, you should pick an anti-inflammatory variety, which will calm your skin, soothe irritation and prevent rash. If you have applied makeup or sunscreen before workout, use a cleansing oil or cleansing balm before your regular cleanser to dissolve the makeup and sunscreen leftovers.

A Facial Toner – Many people tend to skip this step, but a facial toner can be very beneficial, especially when used after a workout. It can restore your skin’s pH balance, remove the toxic residue after sweating, shrink pores which toxins and oils pile up, reduce acne, hydrate and nourish your skin. Avoid store-bought toners and opt for natural homemade ones, such as soothing lavender or a nourishing rose water.

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Moisturisers – It is very important to retain moisture in your skin after sweating, washing and cleaning. A good lightweight moisturiser should do the trick. Make sure you opt for a natural variety with ingredients that do not irritate, is free of fragrances or other artificial ingredients to fully soothe your skin after a workout. Luckily, the popularity of organic cosmetics in the UK, other European and American states have made products available across the world at very affordable prices.

Facial – A beautiful skin requires a lot of effort and you should not allow the consequences of improving your body and fitness have a poor effect on your skin. This is where the weekly facial comes in, and it includes exfoliating, steaming and repeating the previously mentioned beauty routine, with the addition of a face mask, once a week. Choose a gentle natural scrub (baking soda, coffee, oat, etc.), enriched with water for steaming with a few drops of essential oils. Afterwards, clean and moisturise your skin and finish up with a hydrating face mask.

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Of course, to maintain the skin’s healthy glow, you will need to take care of what is inside, too! Make sure you are well-hydrated before, during and after a workout. You should also eat healthy and skin-friendly food.

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