Benefit Hoola Powdered Bronzer Mini

Benefit Mini Hoola Powdered Bronzer 1

This is obviously not a new product, but definitely new to me. I have read and watched many bloggers rave about this bronzer for the past few years and I have wanted to get my hands on it for that long. Why I held back for so long is not because I could not obtain this product, but purely for dollar reasons. You guys know how much makeup products in Australia costs compared to overseas, even after foreign exchange rate conversions and our tax. 

So, I guess you could say, I held back hoping that Benefit would release miniature/travel size blushes and bronzers. I just needed to learn to be patient and now that they are out, I could not be more happier. Also, a side note, I own a full size Benefit Coralista blush, which over the years I have kept in my collection and I still have not hit pan!

Benefit Mini Hoola Powdered Bronzer 2

I am so in love with how cute this Hoola Powdered Bronzer Mini AUD$26/USD$15 appears to me and it fits in my tiny palm. You may have seen me post a photo on my instagram recently and of course it was hard not to share with you guys. I just love it so much, I know this will go a long way. The tiny box contains 4g, which is not much, but if you own it or have used it, know it is highly pigmented and only need to use a light hand to apply on your face. And a little really does go a long way. I love the mini brush too and what is missing now is my name on it, a little personalisation would just complete me.

Benefit Mini Hoola Powdered Bronzer Swatch

The colour to me is a nice medium warm brown shade that is perfect all year around and would suit almost all skin tones. This will be very useful in the winter time, or anytime through out the year when you want to tan (bronze), sculpt the face (contour) and have natural cheeks (blush), a face powder with a multitude of uses.

What is your favourite Benefit makeup product?

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