Best Mud Masks on Rotation

This is a requested post from a few of you guys who have seen my skincare routine on instagram. I featured these masks often and you guys know how much I love face masks in general. Continue reading to find out how each compares with the other.

Omorovicza Deep Cleansing Mask 15ml AU$30.90 – This mini was part of a limited edition Moor Mud set. This has a smooth, lightweight and thin texture. It contains 3 main components: Hungarian Moor Mud (cleanse and nourish skin), White Clay (draws out toxins and impurities), and Hydro Mineral Transference (leaves a firm and younger look).

I used this at least once a week to my face and sometimes neck area, leaving it on for approximately 15-20 minutes or until dry. I used a warm dampen mitt to remove mask. I find this to unclog my pores and keep them minimised, leaving mu skin feel soft and smooth. This mask is best suited for people with large pores, acne and blemishes, as well as oiliness, and is also free of synthetic fragrances.

Glam Glow Youthmud Mask 50ml AU$98 – This mask gives more of an immediate result, as it moisturises, exfoliates, and lifts away impurities. The texture is a smooth, rich paste with green tea leaf pieces. This mask is known for its tingling sensation that can last for at least 1-2 minutes, as you feel your skin tighten. It contains 3 main components: French Sea Clay/Kaolin (minimises pores and lifts away impurities and toxins), Volcanic Pumice Rock (exfoliates, minimises the appearance of fine lines, and softens rough skin texture), and Camellia Sinensis Leaf (green tea leaf pieces).

I used this once a week or the night before an event for approximately 10 minutes. Results are seen immediately. You can apply to your face, neck and chest area, then remove the mask with warm water in circular motions to exfoliate the skin. This mask is suitable for people with fine lines, wrinkles, dryness, dullness and uneven texture.

L’Oreal Pure Clay Mask: Detoxifies & Brightens 50ml AU$19.99 – This is a drugstore dupe, in my opinion of Glam Glow’s youthmud, minus the tingling sensation. This charcoal pure clay mask has a smooth and rich texture that only requires a thin layer on the skin. It contains 3 pure clay components: Kaolin (concentrated clay that absorbs impurities and excess oil), Montmorillonite (helps to purify and reduce imperfections), and Ghassoul (absorbs impurities and oils without causing irritation, but leaves skin smooth and radiant).

This mask detoxifies and reveals a brighter complexion when used between 2-3 times per week. Leave on for approximately 10-15 minutes or until dried, then rinse with warm water or use a warm face cloth. This mask is suitable for people with large pores, oiliness and uneven skin tone.

These masks are my current faves on rotation and I don’t favour one over the other. Overall, I have found that my large pores appear more minimised, oiliness is controlled, my skin feels soft and smooth almost immediately after using these masks. I haven’t experienced any break outs or irritated skin, which is always a bonus. I prefer to use my Clinique foundation brush for all mud masks application, as I am able to apply with restraint and control.

What is your favourite mud mask on rotation?

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