BIODERMA: 3 Essentials To Rehydrate Skin Fast


Whether you have normal, combination, oily, dry or sensitive skin, there may be one or more products from Bioderma that can help to improve and balance your skin. My skin falls between combination-dry, dehydrated and sensitive. I don’t necessarily experience all these at once, but for the majority of the time, I have dry, dehydrated sensitive skin type.

The hydrabio range is ultimately suited for my skin type, but I have tried others from the Bioderma. The range helps to fight everyday environmental aggressors, stress, changes in climates that basically disrupts skin’s cellular activity. The skin becomes uncomfortable, inflamed and dehydrated that it loses its natural radiance. A key ingredient found in the full range of hydrabio products is Aquagenium that helps to stimulate skin and reactive its natural hydration process.

*Hydrabio h2o micelle solution 100ml $11.99

This h2o micelle solution is a gentle cleansing solution to remove makeup, excess sebum, dirt and other impurities for the face and is safe to use around the eyes without rinsing skin. It is specifically formulated for dry and dehydrated skin types, as it moisturisers skin to help improve a healthy radiant skin. This is soap-free, alcohol-free, paraben-free and hypoallergenic.

The micellar water is a product I often use to remove makeup on nights when I’m not bothered to complete a long skincare routine. In my morning skincare routine, I use this as a replacement of a proper cleanser and water method if I am in hurry to get out the door. This will become my step one and follow on with a toner, a serum and a moisturiser. Skin feels instantly moisturised, soothed and replenished.

*Hydrabio Moisturising Toning Lotion 250ml $32.99

The moisturising toning lotion makes a regular appearance in both my morning and evening skincare routines when ever my skin experiences dehydration, redness and at times irritated skin. A face toner is an essential part of my skincare regiments, no matter how short or long the routine goes, a toner type product will always be included. The toner helps to not only cleanse impurities, we know its key ingredient Aquagenium, can help to regain water retention ability, moisturise and provides freshness for the skin. This is to be used for the face, it is suitable to use around the eyes and no rising is required. This is soap-free, alcohol-free, paraben-free and hypoallergenic.

*Hydrabio Gel-Creme Light Moisturising Cream 40ml $42.99

The gel-creme light moisturiser is suitable for normal to combination skin for when at times suffer from dull and dryness. It is a comfortable, lightweight gel-cream texture that is melts quickly into the skin. It has a subtle freshness and soothes skin almost immediately from my experience. Aside from the main key ingredient Aquagenium, another is salicylic acid, which targets uneven skin texture and also vitamin e, which adds hydration and helps to protect skin against premature skin ageing. This is paraben free, non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic.

I prefer to use this in my morning skincare routine in rotation with other similar creams. I found this product to be hydrating for my dry skin when I used it as a base pre-makeup. It keeps my skin from becoming dehydrated and makeup holds generally well when I focus on moisturising my skin first. I found using these products from the Bioderma Hydrabio range have become my side kicks for whenever my skin becomes dry or dehydrated and need immediate results.

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