BIODERMA Cicabio Crème and Pommade

Dry skin in my family are commonly experienced all year around. When these Bioderma Cicabio products landed on my desk, I could not pass on trying something new for our skin. The best thing so far is that the entire family can use these products and it is what we have been gravitating towards for the past month. Continue reading to learn more.

“Our skin is our primary barrier against external stress; it insulates and protects us. When it is damaged, irritated skin is more sensitive and permeable to external stress and its appearance is also damaged. It is therefore necessary to accompany the various stages of epidermal reconstruction for high-quality skin repair. Cicabio guarantees high-quality epidermal repair.” – Bioderma.

*Cicabio Pommade 40ml AU$17.99

This pommade is a lightweight rich creamy formula. This can be used on the face, body and lips, which is mainly what I use it for–my dry and chapped lips. I apply twice a day for a few days and I found I get instant results. I massage it into my lips until it is dry and even when food and drink is involved, my lips still look good, feels smooth, soft and hydrated. The dry skin peeling goes away and I don’t ever need to reapply throughout the day as you would for lip balms and glosses.

It works just as well on other parts of the body whether dry skin is experienced. It doesn’t leave a greasy residue and if you use a small amount you’ll find that it absorbs into the skin quickly, which leaves a dry matte finish. The skin will feel soft, smooth and replenished. For me, this is a perfect multipurpose pommade that works greatly on dry to severe dry skin and if you’ve had non-abrasive laser treatments. It’s gentle to use on the face too as it is hypoallergenic and is fragranced free.

*Cicabio Crème 40ml AU$15.99

This crème has a beige tint is said to be related to the product’s active ingredients and when massaged into the skin, it turns transparent. It is a lightweight watered down crème that is fragranced free and is also hypoallergenic.

Just like the pommade, this can be used on the face and body for the relief of dry and irritated skin, redness, minor skin damage such as superficial peeling and non-abrasive laser treatment. This can also be used for the whole family and that is important to me when I can share my skincare products with everyone.

Overall, these products have contributed to keeping my family’s skin in better condition. These products have become our skinsavers for those minor skin conditions we may come to face. You can purchase this at Adore Beauty website.

Have you tried these new products from Bioderma?

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