Bioderma Sébium Oily Blemished Skin

The wait is over. If you’ve always wanted a skincare line catered for oily blemished skin type from Bioderma, then this is for you. These products were sent courtesy of Invisible Thread PR. Continue reading to see what I think about them.

*Sébium Cleansing Foaming Gel 200ml

This gel cleanser is a 3-in-1 that works as a face, body cleanser, as well as a foam for shaving your legs. It leaves skin feeling soft, clean and fresh. I liked that it doesn’t strip away natural oils and it doesn’t dry out my skin or leave an oily trail behind. This is perfect for blemished and acne-prone skin as it can help to calm down angry skin. This is alcohol-free, oil-free, colouring-free.

*Sébium H20 Micelle Solution 500ml

If you’ve used other Bioderma micellaire solutions in the past, this one is specifically for oily blemished skin beauties. I love the reverse pump, as it evenly disperses the formula, cleanses, removes impurities and waterproof makeup without having to rinse with water. I also used this as a toner post cleanser as it can help to set my skin ready for face serum/oils and moisturiser. This is soap-free, fragrance-free, alcohol-free and is hypoallergenic.

*Sébium Pore Refiner 30ml

I have tried this several months earlier as I had a sample and felt that it did help to minimise the appearance of large pores and smooth out skin. However, I found that it broke out my skin into a greasy mess. While, I think this can still work for beauties with oily blemished skin types, it didn’t work for my combination-dry skin. Pore refiners work similarly like primers and are a great step to use pre-makeup as it can help to keep makeup on longer. This is paraben-free, non comedogenic and is hypoallergenic.

*Sébium Global Purifying Cream 30ml

This treatment cream, I only used when I experienced a spot or two, and those stubborn hormonal pimples–when my skin has had a bad day. It can help to treat blemishes such as blackheads and pimples as it gently exfoliates the infected area. This is a step after cleanser, toner and before serum/oil and moisturiser. It can help to reduce inflammation, redness and irritation associated to an onset of pimple explosion. It can soothe the infected area and with regular use, it can help to improve skin texture and minimise the appearance of acne scars. Best to use if you have oily and troubled skin types. This is paraben-free, non comedogenic and is hypoallergenic.

Have you tried this range from Bioderma? 

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