Blogger Goals 2016

#BloggerGoals 2016a

New Years Resolutions or New Year Goals or whatever you call you it, is not my thing at all. I am pretty hopeless when it comes to achieving goals in any timeframe. Although, after reading a few bloggers posts about their goals for 2016, I thought I should try to at least start thinking about setting some goals that I really want to set my mind on.

I have taken some inspiration from beauty & lifestyle blogger ymorbeauty, on her recent post new year goals & resolutions. I definitely have a few personal goals in mind for 2016, but why not for my blog as well. So this post will be dedicated to goals I would like to see happen in 2016. This is a really good challenge for me, since, I know I will have to prioritise and put more effort in creating a better blog space. I have compiled a few things that I really need to start working on, as I can become slack around these types of tasks.

Spend Time Writing Quality Content

Most of you know by now that I am a freelance writer and have also written a romance novel in the past. So naturally, I shouldn’t really have a problem writing, right? Well, since becoming a full time mum in 2015, I have truly found it difficult to balance writing for future books and producing great content for my blog (yes, I am a workaholic!) I found myself having to schedule a few posts that were not up to my usual standards and thinking back, it was a bad decision. I definitely have moments of a writer’s block, but even with this mental blockage, I am still pushing myself to return to posting 3 times a week. I know my personal life is a juggling act already. However, I will only blog on days that I feel my work is up to scratch. Any scheduled posts, would mean that I am planning to go on some holiday or taking a break and have a few posts lined up for you to read.

Engagement with Readers

Not trying to use the excuse of being a new mum in 2015, though, it did take a lot out of me. But, I definitely saw myself needing to reconnect with a lot of you guys as well as new followers of my blog. I will make more of an effort to get to know you guys, as well as visit your blogs, as I know you take your time to check out mine to like or leave comments. I am going to learn to return this favour asap.

Leave More Comments on Other Bloggers Blogs

What I learnt in 2015 was to explore similar blogs to my own. Engaging with the author of that blog and leaving comments with a link to your blog can certainly help to increase your followers and audience readership. I know that in 2015, some of you guys (new followers) have come from other bloggers that we both follow and I thank you for giving me a chance to share with you my own creative content.

I have tried to keep it simple and what I think will be manageable goals to stick with. I will update you all later in the year as to how far I have come along in reaching my goals.

What are your new year goals or blogger goals for 2016?