Bloggers United x Petit Bonheur: Beauty Journey Event


Last week, I was invited by Bloggers United Australia to attend the Petit Bonheur’s (distributor of Japanese Skincare) Beauty Journey Event to view the collection of V10 Plus and Sassou Japan skincare collections. We were able to ask questions, play with some of the products and learn more about the brands and importance of using less, but natural healthy ingredients to improve overall skin health.

V10 Plus:

V10 Plus originated from Tokyo city in a Aichi, Japan. The founders are Akiko Yokota and Mr Nobu who were chemists with 19 years of experience in the skincare industry. The V10 Plus is a range of skincare products, which have been developed to work for all types of skin including: normal, dry, sensitive, oily to combination skin as well as skin problems like eczema, dermatitis and other skin problems. The V10 Plus aims to protect, maintain and improve skin health with the quality of these products.

There are 11 serums in this collection catered for different skin problems like acne, anti-ageing, hydrating, sensitive and brightening. The V10 Plus, “V” stands for variety, “10” refers to the 10 concepts of skincare range and the “Plus” means that you can add between 1-3 serums in a skincare routine.

V10 Plus products are water-based and made from predominantly natural ingredients such as plant extracts and serums; amino and collagen serums may contain marine collagen from fresh sea bream’s scale. The formula contains no paraben, no artificially colours, no mineral oil, and no chemical fragrance. They are dermatologist-tested and made in Japan.

The V10 Plus brand also curates a basic care line that specialises in cleansing and makeup removal (ceramide cleansing gel and soothing cleansing milk), and a special care line that specialises in deep skin treatments (water based peeling, all in one gel, deep moist gel, night gel, Okinawa water mask, eye cream and face lifting ream).

Sassou Japan:

Sassou Japan believes that maintaining a healthy and radiant skin is to begin with a good beauty ritual—begin with cleansing and cleaning the skin, starting with the pores. The brand first launched in Hong Kong in 2008 and consists of a large loyal following from socialites and celebrities alike. The name Sassou means free and breezy from heaviness, were each product were developed to offer a light and relaxed feel after use. Each product contain beneficial ingredients like natural plant extracts and premium gold leaves. It is said that gold has a power to magnify the effects of skincare by targeting and awakening skin cells. Gold can ultimately rejuvenate skin cells, improve blood circulation and enhance skin metabolism.

These products have been curated to effectively fight against ageing skin such as dark spots, fine lines, wrinkles and dull skin. Keeping with traditional Japanese skincare philosophy, Sassou uses cutting-edge and innovative formulations, as well as ensuring that only the most natural ingredients are used to develop these skincare products to help revitalise skin and soul.

There are 3 skincare range: Goldwaver (angels dew shimmering divine mist, gold beauty cleansing bar, gold shimmering ess-toner, gold eye whiter, gold shimmering essence ex). Hydra Pure (cera+ aqua cream, skin cleansing gel, watery hydra skin rejuvenator, watery hydra nourishing essence, hydra pure aqua eye mask). Special Treatment (o2v-shape mask and essential marble puff contour plus+).

To view the full collection of V10 Plus ( and Sassou Japan (, visit their respective websites for more information.