BOBBI BROWN: Two Products For Glowing Skin


There are a few ways to create instant, glowing skin. For the most part, a solid nourishing, hydrating and moisturising skincare routine is a must. Once you have that sorted, you’ll need these two cult favourites from Bobbi Brown to prep your skin before applying your makeup.

Hydrating Eye Cream 15ml $76*

Eye creams in general can do a few good things around the eye area or the skin under your eye. It can help to minimise the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, soothe and hydrate skin (especially if you experience dry skin). The Bobbi Brown hydrating eye cream is my go to morning eye cream to simply help refresh, soothe and hydrate skin. It works just as good as an eye primer base before you layer concealer or makeup.

It has a lightweight and thin, but smooth consistency that leaves skin nourished, and absorbed quickly without any residue behind. It is formulated with a mineral water blend, which is Bobbi Brown’s signature ingredient, as well as aloe vera, witch hazel extract, jojoba seed, avocado oil and squalane. These help to balance, revive, condition and bring comfort to the skin. It is formulated without parabens, phthalates, sulphates, sulphites and gluten.

Vitamin Enriched Face Base 50ml $85*

Creating a gorgeous natural glow doesn’t always require you have layers of skincare products on that skin, but you do need a clean and moisturised face. There is nothing more satisfying than prepping your skin before makeup application. For me, it is a must to prime the face before applying foundation. Not just because I want my makeup to last longer on my face, but the comfort knowing that my makeup looks natural and not cakey by simply adding a moisturising primer as my base.

The Bobbi Brown vitamin enriched face base is a new discovery that gives my skin that natural glow I’ve been looking to create on my skin forever. It’s both a primer and moisturiser that transforms my combination-dry and dehydrated skin to an absolute radiant goddess without trying too hard—and no highlighter needed!

The smooth and rich texture face base is an oil-free formula that consists of shea butter, vitamins b, c and e, grapefruit and a subtle geranium fragrance that doesn’t irritate my skin. It melts and leaves a very moisturised, and comfortable finish that is not too tacky but enough that it would hold makeup in place. I also love just how it makes my skin feel and look without  makeup, as it gives that gorgeous summer glow all year around. This is formulated without parabens, phthalates, sulphates, sulphites and gluten. This is a vegan product.

Whenever my skin needs a boost or for a quick pick me up look, I can rely on both the hydrating eye cream and vitamin enriched face base to give my skin the glow it rightfully deserves. The full range of Bobbi Brown face products are available online and in store at Bobbi Brown counters, David Jones and via:

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