CAN GRO: LONG LASHES Eyelash Enhancer


Still looking for other eyelash enhancers? Maybe you’ve found others that haven’t worked for you and are on the market to look for together options. I’m now on my third time using an eyelash enhancer and this time it’s from a different brand, Long Lashes. Continue reading about my experience with using this eyelash enhancer.

The long lashes eyelash enhancer was created by friends Belinda Robinson and Felecia Tappenden. From their experienced of irritation from using eyelash serums, they found a gap in the market that didn’t contain mast ingredients that other eyelash serums may contain.

For the purpose of this trial, I hoped to continue to maintain the appearance of fuller, nourished lashes as well as increase the length of my lashes. I began to use this product in early July only applying to my upper lash line daily for the duration of 13 weeks, but I am still using this product to just finish it.

Long Lashes Eyelash Enhancer 3.5ml $89*

Long lashes is described as an eyelash enhancer that is said to help nourish and repair your natural lashes. It claims to leave your lashes appearing longer, fuller within as little as 4 to 8 weeks and full results can be seen around 12 weeks. Long lashes is enriched with vitamins, peptides and antioxidants that is said to help stimulate, strengthen and condition your lashes. This product uses vegan, hormone-free, gluten-free and cruelty-free ingredients.

The long lashes eyelash enhancer comes in this sleek and chic satin pink mascara-like tube with a narrow black wand and orange fine brush tip that feels soft against the skin.

I found that in the first week or two, I had one lash fallout and didn’t find it irritating to my eyes. It wasn’t difficult to use since the product is encased in similar packaging to other brands I have used prior to trying this product. I found that the serum had a thicker and almost glossy type consistency. I just apply one coat from the tube to line my lashes on each eye and allowing it to dry for a few minutes. I used this as my last step in my skincare routine or just before I go to bed. I didn’t experienced any eye irritation or stinging sensation because from my previous experience of using a similar product, I found it easier this time around to not make any mistake of accidentally poking my eyes with the brush!

After a solid 4 weeks my lashes continued to appear fuller with no fallouts. By the 8th week, and further along, I could tell just from applying mascara that my lashes have slightly lengthened. I’m happy that my lashes look healthier and whenever I apply mascara and allow that product to dry, my lashes don’t look crispy or dry. Whether that is from the mascara itself or from the eyelash enhancer, my lashes look good.

I have tried to apply onto my bottom lash line but found that it can be a little tricky since the serum can get into the eye which stings. If you are a pro at lining your bottom lashes, then you’ll probably have no problem helping to grow your bottom lashes too. Overall, I am pleased with the current state of my natural lashes. They look great now that I have a bit more length from when I first started using this serum. My lashes continues to look full and healthier. If you are wanting to see great results with your own lashes, this is one you should try and of course individual results may vary.

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