YSL Top Secrets Makeup Setting Spray

Facial mists, facial sprays and makeup setting sprays are an essential part of ones makeup/beauty routines. They can help to improve your overall makeup look, leave skin appear radiantly healthy, help to lock in moisture and are often rich in vitamins and antioxidants that keep dry and flaky skin at…

EYE OF HORUS Best Sellers Eye Makeup + Goddess Brush Kit

If there is one thing I know about makeup, it is customised makeup products that can help make us-beauties feel like a beautiful goddess. Continue reading to learn how these Eye of Horus best sellers can help create beautiful and inspiring makeup looks.

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1000 HOUR New And On Trend Lash Styles

1000 hour is an iconic Australian brand that are renowned for their innovative and on trend beauty products. These include the most popular eyelash and eyebrow dye kits, as well as their expansion to artificial lashes, nails, hair colour mascaras, and the essential beauty tools. They provide salon-quality at affordable…

COVERGIRL x KATY PERRY Katy Kat Eyeshadow Palettes

I haven’t used an eyeshadow palette from Covergirl in a long time. Recently, I have had the opportunity to try the latest from Covergirl x Katy Perry makeup collaboration–Katy Kat eyeshadow palettes. I’m not into cats as pets or anything cat specific, so while the design is cute, I’m only…