Certified Organic Makeup with Modere Colour

A little over a month ago, I was kindly invited as her plus one, my blogger friend, Bernadette from Beauty Reign. We attended an intimate bloggers lunch, where we met with the team from Modere, along with health & beauty influencers.

Modere is a global online retailer and manufacture that originated from the US. The company specialises in accessible essential everyday products for personal, health and wellness, home and the latest in makeup.

“We don’t settle for average and we don’t stop short of extraordinary. Modere is honest, bold, botanically inspired makeup colour that’s clean and safe, with BPA free packaging, natural mineral pigments and certified organic botanicals and without potentially harmful ingredients, animal products or animal testing.” – Modere.com.au

*Primer Colour 40ml AU$42.95 – This primer has a light and cooling sensation when first applied to skin. It contains organic aloe that helps to soothe redness and hydrates tired and dehydrated skin. It is easily absorbed into skin and leaves a non-sticky and non-greasy matte finish.

*Mineral Liquid Foundation Colour 40ml AU$49.95 – This foundation has a light and creamy consistency with a buildable medium coverage. This shade is light on my skin, but as you know, I will find ways for it to work for my skin tone. It sets nicely on the skin once the primer has been applied. This gives my skin a nice fresh and natural makeup look.

*Mascara Colour 10g AU$32.95 – This mascara has become a favourite as it gives my lashes a very defined natural look that doesn’t weigh them down. I love that it coats every lash to its fullest without looking clumpy, feeling dry, crusty or flakey. It gives my short natural lashes length from root to tip, and with multiple coats, it adds volume as it darkens my lashes. It contains carnauba wax, which is a vegetable alternative to beeswax that will thicken and lengthen your lashes.

*Mineral Pressed Foundation Colour 14g AU$44.95 – This mineral pressed foundation is lighter shade for me and could pass as a light dusting powder for absorbing oily t-zone. The texture is a finely milled powder, which can give a flawless finish that won’t clog your pores. Coverage is buildable from light to full without feeling the heaviness on the skin.

*Bonzer Colour 14g AU$46.95 – This is one of those one-size-fits-all bronzer that will suit most skin tones. This sun-kissed colour pigmentation is excellent and with one swipe (see swatches above), it gives an intense finish with light shimmer reflexes that don’t necessarily appear on the skin when blended out. It contains Mica that is a naturally occurring mineral dust that makes your skin glow but reduces the appearance of pores and wrinkles.

*Eyeshadow Colour 2g AU$28.95 – These eyeshadows are amazing in colour pay off. Each has a stunning silky satin finish that glide onto the eye lids with ease without smudging away. These can be worn individually or used to create a smokey eye makeup look.

*Blush Colour 3g AU$34.95 – Just like the eyeshadows, these blushes do not disappoint. They have similar colour pay off and have light sliver reflexes that give that gorgeous satin finish. A light hand to these are needed unless you prefer an intense blush look.

*Lipstick Colour 4.5g AU$35.95 – The lipsticks offer a lightweight, creamy texture and gives the appearance of hydrated lips, as they contain shea butters that help keep lips moist and protect from harsh elements. The bolder the lip shades, the longer they stay on the lips, especially this Relish shade that stains lips easily.

*Lip gloss Colour 8g AU$26.95 – These lip glosses offer a creamy, full or sheer coverage. They are non-sticky and can be applied separately or layered with matching lipsticks. They contain certified organic orange peel oil, which brings a fresh, sweet, and natural fragrance.

Modere makeup can be purchased online at: www.modere.com.au. For further information, check out Modere on their social media outlets: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. 


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