CHANEL Hydrating Lip Balms

Recently, I added a few new lip balms to my collection. These CHANEL lip balms I haven’t tried before but have had my eye on—especially the classic rouge coco baume. I have read and watched raving reviews online. I hadn’t seen it in person, which was a little sad because it didn’t seem to be available in the boutiques, and not sure if it is being discontinued.


I love exploring and trying out lip balms from affordable to bougie. I can be a little picky with lip balms, because if I were to spend on a bougie one, I need to make sure it would be worth every penny, hence why I enjoy doing a bit of product research and learning more about them. It was no surprise that when I wanted to finally own the CHANEL rouge coco baume, it seemed as though it would be discontinued. I am not sure why brands discontinue popular products especially when they have no plans to reformulate them. Perhaps it is no longer being sold in Australia, because it didn’t appear online when I used the search bar via the Australian CHANEL website.


It had been on my lip balm wish list for years but I wanted my first time to be special. The lockdown isn’t a special time, but I have been doing a bit of random late night online shopping and remembered about this one. I have tried CHANEL beauty products before but have not experienced their cult classic lip balms.


Boy De CHANEL Lip Balm AU$56

The boy de CHANEL lip balm is new in the scene and one just recently launched. It’s the boy version or similar to the rouge coco baume. It is described as a transparent, non-shiny formula that can hydrate lips for up to 8 hours. It has a fine and ultra-light texture that is rich in jojoba oil, shea butter and a vitamin e derivative. This is fragrance-free.


This is great to wear as a base for underneath other lip products and alone as a typical lip balm. I don’t think this was just specifically created for the men, but looking at its packaging–a slim, smooth, navy blue cylinder bullet. It does have a very sleek, minimal and masculine vibe to it, which I think would draw a men to want such a lip balm.


Rouge Coco Baume Hydrating Conditioning Lip Balm US$40

The cult rouge coco baume is described as a moisture-rich lip balm with a hydrating formula that helps to soften lips for a healthier and fuller appearance. It has a transparent, buttery and smooth texture with a high-gloss finish. This is fragrance free and is recommended to use daily, alone or as a base before lipstick application.


The lip balm is housed in the classic black shiny lipstick bullet with gold finish and white interlock CC logo on top of the lid. This style of packaging can be seen throughout the rouge coco and rouge coco flash lipstick range.


Both lip balms are seen to be quite nourishing and hydrating for a certain period of time during the day. I would certainly use them alone since I don’t really wear much lipstick being in lockdown. I am curious to see if the hubby would be interested in trying out boy de CHANEL lip balm, but I am not sure if I want to share it!


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