Cherry Blooms Fiber Lash Mascara Kit

Cherry Blooms Fiber Lash Mascara Kit

Most of us seem to have an obsession with having longer lashes. Are you one of those girls that wished she had Kim K’s lashes? Cherry Blooms is an Australian owned brand that I was recently introduced to and am now excited to share with you a new-to-me lash extension product that spoiler alert is better than what I have used in the past. I was kindly given an opportunity to review this fiber lash kit courtesy of Spin & Co.

I love the look of long made up lashes and wished I was born with a set myself. However, there are many products like this one already that give the “almost” natural long lashes appearance, as well as products that can help to grow your lashes or false lashes to add on top of your natural lashes to enhance the look of long lashes.


This *Cherry Blooms Fiber Lash Mascara comes in 1 product, 2 tubes and a 3 step brush on fiber lash kit. What separates them from their competitors, I think from experience is that the process is quiet easy. anyone can do this and get believable results. The formula is made from high quality beeswax that hydrates lashes while the black fibers add a 3D effect. It claims to amplify lashes by 600%, though to me that depends on the length of your natural lashes. Obviously, results will vary from person to person, but your lashes will definitely have more length and volume.

img_3197Cherry Blooms Fiber Lash Mascara Kit 3

Cherry Blooms Fiber Lash Mascara Kit 4

To use, follow the 3 step guide that can be found on the back of the box or on their website. Step 1 and 3 uses the first tube, which looks like a mascara tube with a brush wand. Use this transparent gel to apply onto your clean lashes, which allows the black fibers in step 2 (use small tube) to latch on, and step 3, using mascara tube to reapply a generous coat of transparent gel to seal fibers in place.

Cherry Blooms Fiber Lash Mascara Kit swatched

The before and after photos, you can see how much improvement my lashes appear. Just from applying the transparent gel, you can already notice my natural lashes lengthened prior to applying the black fibers. I found this lash extension kit easy to use, but also gives my natural eye lashes the length, lash separation and volume it deserves. The lash extension does not appear to flake, does not weigh on the eyes or dry up and give you spidery legs that most often are seen on other fiber lash mascaras. The formula is not clumpy or drying, and removal of the product is easy and does not irritate the eyes. I would use this for special occasions where I would want to flutter my lashes and give them that glamour appeal.

You can purchase Cherry Blooms Fiber lash set and other products on their website:

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