Cherry Blooms Mineral Fiber Brow Kit with Stencils

Cherry Blooms Mineral Fiber Brow Kit with Stencils

Is there anyone else out there apart from me who struggle to get their brows on fleek? Cherry Blooms is an Australian owned company who make cruelty free beauty products. They are widely known for their unique Fibre Lash Extensions, Fiber Brows and Waterproof Liquid Liner. These products are sold worldwide and as such can be found in prestigious department stores like Nordstrom. I was kindly given an opportunity to review these brow kits courtesy of Spin & Co.

As much as I am good at makeup application, I can also be horrible at jazzing up my brows. Eyebrows may look like sisters, cousins or even best friends, but I try to keep mine looking as related as possible. We all know that eye brows frames the face and if your brows are not looking like the way it should, there are some amazing and easy to use brow products that will complete your makeup look in no time at all.

Cherry Blooms Mineral Fiber Brow Kit with Stencils 1

These *Cherry Blooms Mineral Fiber Brow Kit with Stencil is what every amateur, wobbly handed beauties like me need in their makeup kit. This kit comes with 3 stencils, an instruction guide and a mineral fiber brow bottle. There are 4 shades to choose from: Espresso, Cappuccino Brown, Mocha and Latte. These mineral fiber brows are semi-permanent, sweat proof and help to fill gaps, tint brows and give a fuller 3D appearance. If you are like me with already thick brows, you may only need to apply a light layer to tint or make the brows appear polished.

Cherry Blooms Mineral Fiber Brow Kit with Stencils 2

For this demonstration, I chose to try Expresso, which is a close shade to my natural hair colour that is neither too dark or greyish, but with just the right amount of pigment. The before pictures below show one side, my natural brow and the other is my first attempt at using the fiber brows formula. I used the thick stencil, as I prefer to keep my brows in their thick orientation and the stencil also allowed me to tweeze my brows to shape.

The instruction guide suggests to take the wand from the bottle slowly as the tiny fibers can get messy, flying and floating around you. Use the wand applicator, then start from the end of your brows and make your way towards the start of your brows. I found that the ends of my brows were on the short side and using this formula was a little messy to begin with, as the tiny fine fibers need hairs to latch on. I ended up using a brow pencil to correct and extend the shape of my brows.

Cherry Blooms Mineral Fiber Brow Kit with Stencils swatches

The after pictures above show neat and clean on point brows. I used tweezers to pluck away sparse hairs and a concealer on the brow bone and above the brows to give a more defined shape. My first attempt was not too bad overall, I would continue to use this kit to help me practice to shape and fill my brows like a professional.

You can purchase Cherry Blooms Mineral Fiber Brows with Stencil kit and other products on their website:

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