Clean & Pure Lip Balms With Extra Virgin Olive Oil

I have been obsessing over lip balms to help cure my chapped and dry lips on the daily. I may even be hoarding lip balms all around my house and have a few in every hand bag I own. I was recently introduced to this Australian brand, Clean & Pure, who use locally sourced natural ingredients to create their lip balms. Continue reading to learn more.

“Our primary ingredient is extra virgin olive oil, grown locally in Queensland and Victoria. This is the oil from the first press of the olives. We only use premium grade essential oils created using steam distillation from the leaf and flower. Our beeswax is obtained from manuka honey bee hives and we use more vitamin e than most of our competitors, creating a superior natural product.” – Clean & Pure.

*Pawpaw Lip Balm 4.3g

The scent of Pawpaw comes from the natural oil of Pawpaw seed that is mixed with extra virgin olive oil and Manuka honey beeswax that leaves intense hydration to lips. The balm melts into skin and lasts longer than most lip balms I have used. The oil from the Pawpaw seed contains an enzyme papain, which serves as a natural exfoliant, as it helps to remove dead skin cells and reveal kissable lips.

*Vanilla Lip Balm 4.3g

The Vanilla lip balm is derived directly from the natural vanilla. This is mixed with the first press of the extra virgin olive oil (main ingredient) and Manuka honey beeswax that provides softness, nourished and moisturised lips.

*Manuka Honey Lip Balm 4.3g

This Manuka Honey lip balm has a sweet honey aroma and is renowned for healing benefits like antibacterial and anti-inflammatory that is an ideal companion for chapped or severely dry lips. This lip balm will leave a soft and smooth finish on the lips.

Overall, I am quite happy to use these lip balms in rotation with other lip balms I already own. I particularly favour the pawpaw lip balm, as I felt this made my lips feel more nourished and hydrated through out the day. The scents of each lip balms are natural, but subtle, fresh and possibly addictive aromas. The RRP AUD$6, an affordable line that contains no toxins or nasty ingredients which are better for your skin. You can purchase Clean & Pure lip balms and other flavours on their website.

Have you tried these Clean & Pure lip balms? Which is your favourite flavour?


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