COVERGIRL Peacock Flare Mascara

It has been a very long time since I have used a COVERGIRL mascara that I have come to love. I have also found that I haven’t gravitated towards drugstore mascara brands in a while either. I have since read many mediocre reviews about this mascara and so naturally, I had to see if I would feel the same way too.

“Lashes get full-on length and definition. A control grip handle gives you the precision to catch every lash as the feather-fan brush catches, coats and separates each lash for maximum effect.” – COVERGIRL.

*Peacock Flare Mascara 10ml $21.95

The peacock flare mascara packaging is nothing fancy–a very typical oval shaped tube with black and metallic blue/teal colour and black stripes on the body of the tube. I like that it has the name of the mascara pronounced on the front. It is a twist lock mascara with a short wand large swirl type bristles that give some illusion that it might help to curl your lashes as well, maybe.

After my first application, I found that a tiny bit of mascara had transferred to my upper lash line. I also found that it helped to give a bit of lift to my lashes that weren’t curled to begin with. The lashes appeared with some length and lash separation.

After the second application, I found that lashes appeared slightly thicker, but still with some length added but not dramatic and lash separation was obvious. I didn’t find my lashes gave that flare that I was hoping it would, however was happy that it didn’t clump my lashes even after 2 coats of mascara. I had to slowly apply each coat to prevent it from clumps and appearing spidery.

If I were to judge this based as a lengthening mascara, this would be a winner, but this mascara is suppose to give a dramatic feather-fan type effect with volume, length and definition. Perhaps this would suit someone with slightly longer lashes who doesn’t mind that spidery effect.

Overall, I found this mascara to be underwhelming and there was nothing other than it had given me a good natural lengthening-defined lashes. For the price, it would have been better to save up a little more and splurge on a more expensive mascara like Too Faced. Or simply keep your pennies and buy a more affordable mascara brand like Essence that offers some amazing mascaras that actually work.

Have you tried this Covergirl mascara? Did it work for you?