Delicious New Flavours From COOKIE DOH CO


Since consuming the last two flavours (chocolate chip and triple chocolate) from Cookie Doh Co, I was dreaming one night about their next new flavours would be. Not that I was hoping for a particular flavour, though the raspberry and white choc did catch my eye.

*Cookies and Cream 250g $8.99

The cookies and cream edible cookie dough is describes as a match made in heaven, combining smooth cookie dough base that is infused with vanilla and Oreo biscuit. What’s not to love about this combination? Personally, I thought this would be super sweet, but instead it was a mild sweet Oreo biscuit flavour that if you could eat a packet of biscuits in one sitting, you probably would not feel guilty about eating this tub all to yourself.

*Raspberry and White Choc 250g $8.99

The raspberry and white choc flavour is described as bursts of sweet raspberry contrasts perfectly with smooth white chocolate. Again, just like the cookies and cream, this is not as sweet as I imagined it to be. The white chocolate concerned me at first, well because it’s not real chocolate and I’m not a fan of white chocolate, but guess what, this flavour combo just blew me away. This one was hard for me to share with the mister–well because I almost could eat it in one sitting, but don’t tell him that!

To purchase and view other flavours (apple and cinnamon, triple chocolate and chocolate chip), please visit their website. For more information, please follow Cookie Doh Co on their social media: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Have you tried any of the Cookie Doh Co flavours?