Deliciously Organic, Vegan, Ethical LOVING EARTH Chocolates

Loving Earth is a Melbourne-based sustainably-minded business that works with small communities to produce the finest in organic foods. It was founded in 2007, with strong fair trade beliefs, the company works with a number of Indigenous communities around the world to source the finest in raw ingredients for their range of chocolate bars, teas, spreads and superfood snacks.

“Eating foods in their pure, minimally processed states, foods that are grown organically in a sustainable way. Not only are we nurturing our own health and wellbeing but we are also nurturing the health and wellbeing of our planet.” – Loving Earth.

I have been on the hunt for alternatives for my sweet tooth cravings. When I walked into my local Healthy Life store recently, I stumbled on this brand and have heard some reviews on them from other bloggers who have recommended in trying these alternatives. I was initially drawn towards the bright and colourful packaging–no surprise there and so I couldn’t resist in picking a few flavours to try as some were on a promo sale.

Mandarin & Gubinge Chocolate 80g AU$6.95

This Mandarin & Gubinge is made with Amazonico Criollo, Certified Organic Raw Cacao (46%) from Satipo, Peru, infused with mandarin essential oil and sweetened with Organic Evaporated Coconut Nectar, with tasting notes of citrus, chai and vanilla.

Lemon Caramel Cheesecake Chocolate 80g AU$6.95

This lemon caramel cheesecake consists of over one-third raw criollo amazonico cacao for a potent dose of flavonol antioxidants and magnesium. They use low-GI sweetening ingredient that is evaporated coconut nectar that have no refined sugar or dairy content.

Salted Caramel Swayzee Chocolate Bar 45g AU$4.95

This salted caramel chocolate is one of the best selling salted caramel chocolate paired with a dark truffle chocolate reminiscent of the familiar top deck chocolate. This bar contains cacao from Peru and coconut sugar from Java, Indonesia, with tasting notes of butterscotch, salt and dark fudge.

Raspberry Chocolate 30g AU$3.45

This raspberry chocolate is made with Amazonico Criollo, single origin Certified Organic Raw Cacao (44%) from Satipo, Peru, creamy raw cashews with wild raspberries then sweetened with Organic Evaporated Coconut Nectar. It also contains tasting notes of Summer berries, nut and cinnamon.

Lemon Caramel Chocolate 30g AU$2.95

This lemon caramel is made from virgin cacao butter, evaporated coconut nectar, raw cashews, coconut, lemon essential oil.

Turkishly Delightful Chocolate Bar 45g AU$4.95

This is a vegan version of the old classic turkish delight. It contains tasting notes of chewy cranberries and rose oil to create a sensual chocolate bar.

These chocolates are tasty–in the healthiest way, but feel light on the stomach and is nothing like a typical sweetness you may find from the non-healthy chocolate varieties. I thoroughly devoured some and shared with my hubby, but am looking forward to trying out more flavour combinations.

I recommend you try these if you are looking for organic, vegan and ethically made chocolate treats. You can buy these chocolates and more at varying sizes at selected local health food stores. I found these at my local Healthy Life store. For more information visit Loving Earth website.

Have you tried these Loving Earth chocolates. Which flavour is your favourite?


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