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The latest product part of Dermalogica’s UltraCalming range is the redness relief essence. Most of us beauties experience redness or some kind of skin sensitivity in our life. For me, I tend to experience these types of skin issues during winter, probably because I tend to over apply layers of skincare products that might not necessarily be a good idea, which often ingredients can clash and can irritate skin. Other triggers could include: stress, diet, allergies and pollutants. Continue reading to learn more about his new product.

Redness Relief Essence 150ml $64*

The redness relief essence is described as a lightweight but concentrated hybrid between a toner and a serum. It is a refreshing formula that claims to visibly reduce sensitivity and redness by helping to strengthen skin’s moisture barrier. This product is gluten-free, vegan, contains no artificial fragrances and colours, paraben-free and cruelty-free.

It key ingredients are: licorice root extract (soothes irritation), propanediol and piperonyl glucoside (reduce redness), oat-derived avenanthramides and beta glucan + vitamin e (soothe & relieve irritation, redness and discomfort), sage extract (protects lipid barrier), and aloe vera leaf juice (hydrated skin & relieve irritation from skin). Full ingredients can be found here.

The redness relief essence has a slightly thicker consistency than I’m used to with an essence, but you do need to shake it before use. I applied about a five cent coin size for my face and neck, by gently patting it down on the skin, allowing it to be absorbed fully. I wait about 30 seconds before I continue my next steps in my skincare routine. I found that if you apply too much it can feel sticky or if you don’t shake the bottle well before use.

I used this after cleanse and toner, but before serums and moisturisers. It’s also a step that helps to soak in other products into skin. There is no need to layer with other essences as this will do that anyway. I found that I used this only when my skin felt sensitised, inflamed and irritated. This was a perfect companion in winter when my skin needed extra tlc.

I didn’t feel it reduced the level of irritation under the surface of my skin immediately, but the redness on the surface did subside overnight, instead I found this product to gradually soothe irritated skin as long as I used it 2x per day, which I did for 7 days. About a few days into incorporating this product in my skincare routine, my skin did feel and looked much better. I could tell there was less irritation, skin hydration increased, as I found my skin to feel supple and skin had calmed down.

If you are looking for instant results, this might not be for you, but in saying that it’s a great product to use to help reduce the appearance of inflamed, irritated skin and provide extra hydration. If your skin issues include these concerns, you definitely need to explore this product but also the range of UltraCalming from Dermalogica that may better suit your skin needs.

The full Dermalogica UltraCalming range including the redness relief essence (available in 2 sizes: 50ml $32 and 150ml $64) are now available online and at your nearest authorised Dermalogica counter, skin salons, please visit: to check our your nearest stockist.

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