Edible Cookie Dough from COOKIE DOH CO

Cookie Doh Co was established in 2017 by Melbourne-based siblings turned entrepreneurs, Chris, Alex and Jessica Reece. The founders have turned the act of spoon-licking from childhood memories of endless days of mixing, baking and devouring mouth-watering cookies, inspired by the American FMCG cookie dough phenomenon. Continue reading to learn more.

As a child of the 90s, I remembered a friend spoon-licking raw cookie dough whilst her mother made us cookies after school. Raw cookie dough? The first time was awful, just like that one time I thought Vegemite was Nutella and slathered a piece of toast with it and it made me cry–I was eight years old then. Let’s just say my past experience with eating cookie dough weren’t the greatest. Upon receiving a couple of samples, I wasn’t at all nervous, but more so excited to reunite with a memory of spoon-licking. Only this time from Cookie Doh Co.

*Chocolate Chip 250g AU$8.99

This choc chip edible cookie dough is described as an old school classic, combining smooth cookie dough with premium callebaut milk chocolate. This was the least favourite and although it is not sickly sweet, it does taste very much like a sickly sweet choc chip cookie that I am not a fan of. It still tastes nice, but may take us a little to get to the bottom of the tub.

*Triple Chocolate 250g AU$8.99

This triple choc edible cookie dough is described as a chocoholics dream. Starting with a rich cocoa cookie dough base topped off with premium callebaut milk, dark and white chocolate. This is my favourite. Though, I wouldn’t classify myself as a complete chocoholic but have a weak spot for chocolates. Surprisingly, this is not as sweet as it reads or as sweet as it looks. By the end of writing this post, we have partly hit the bottom of the tub!

These edible cookie doughs do not contain eggs and not even a pasteurised substitute. Cookie Doh Co have done all the science stuff and had the products tested in lab conditions, so there is extra piece of mind that what is consumed is safe to eat raw. But they may contain traces of nuts. If you have nut allergies, you should be aware of this and are suggested to not consume these products to eliminate all possible risk.

To purchase and view other flavours (apple and cinnamon, and newest flavour: cookies and cream), please visit their website. For more information, please follow Cookie Doh Co on their social media: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Are you a fan of edible cookie dough? What is your favourite flavour?


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