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ELLA BACHÉ Revealing Fruit Enzyme Exfoliant


I cannot stress enough how exfoliating the skin is just important as you do with the rest of your skincare steps. Whether you choose to exfoliate your skin daily or a few times a week, do what is best for your skin. For me, I try to find something that is gentle yet effective to cleanse my skin overall, but really targeting those pesky large pores.

*Ella Baché Revealing Fruit Enzyme Exfoliant 75g $67

This revealing fruit enzyme exfoliant contains ingredients that include: licorice extract (anti-inflammatory and helps to hydrate, brightens and evens complexion), papaya fruit enzyme and pineapple extract (breakdown and remove dead skin leaving smooth, soft and refined skin), rice bran and oat bran (soothe and calm skin), salicylic acid (cleanses pores, as it eliminates congestion on skin’s surface).

I am fairly familiar with powder exfoliants and so this was nothing new for me. It was more about rediscovering the powder formula that I often used a few years ago from a couple of other brands. Although, I do recall this being a rather nicer and gentle feel to my face.

The texture is very finely milled powder and when mixed with a few drops of water. This turns into a paste that can simply exfoliate your skin using your fingers in a circular motion. I prefer to use this as a fortnightly and sometimes a monthly evening cleansing-exfoliant for 30 seconds on my skin and just rinse with warm water. At times, I have experienced some minor tingle sensations on the surface of my skin, but it eventually fades once you wash your face.

I have an allergy to pineapples. I probably shouldn’t use it at all on my skin, even when it is more to do with consumption of food. I try to avoid “pineapple” ingredients in skincare, however it is derived from to avoid hives on my skin.

Aside from my skin allergy, I have found this to exceptionally work to minimise my large pores. But it has also helped my skin reveal its natural glow, which I sometimes don’t experience with other exfoliants. Skin is overall smooth, soft and radiant.

This powder exfoliant is suitable for all skin types including acne prone and those with sensitive skins. Even with my skin allergies, I have so far yet to experience any from using this product. For your benefit, please do diligence by testing on another part of your skin first to see if you have any allergic reactions and that is with all new products you introduce into your beauty regiments.

Have you tried Ella Baché‘s revealing fruit enzyme exfoliant? 

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