ELLA BACHE: Stop The Clock With Some Eye Essential Treatments


Taking care of my eye area is something I often don’t pay too much attention to. I regularly use products that are targeted for the whole face rather than specifically for the eye area. After being introduced to some new-to-me eye care treatments from Ella Bache, I no longer have any excuse not to care for the eye area in my skincare routines.

“Address the first signs of biological ageing and visibly reduce fine lines with the life-essential properties of Spirulina. Skin is refined, recharged and rejuvenated.” – Ella Bache.

*Eye and Lip Cleanser 30ml $45

One of the first steps in skincare is cleansing skin to remove makeup, excess sebum and dirt. The eye and lip cleanser is described as a highly emollient cream to gently remove eye makeup, cleansing the delicate eye and lipstick, condition the lip area to leave a soft and silky skin. These are often seen as targeted areas on the face that we don’t cleanse properly.

The eye and lip cleanser has a balmy transparent and soft texture that melts between fingertips when you apply to eye and lip areas. It gently removes eye makeup including waterproof mascara without irritating eyes, as you massage in a circular motion and conditions lips. Best to remove with damp cotton pads or a warm facial cloth. It leaves my eye and lip areas clean, soothes, nourished without skin tightening or chapped. This product is suitable for dry and dehydrated skin types.

*Spirulines Eye Lifting Patches 4 x 8ml $29

Eye masks/patches are a great way to unwind, cool and relax the eye area, replenish skin so that it can appear radiant, smoother and firm. The eye lifting patches are described to instantly plump and enhance the eye contour area as it hydrated and creates a protective layer. It’s key ingredients are hyaluronic acid, caffeine and essential nutrients from spirulina. The combination of ingredients work in synergy to help reduce appearance of ageing and signs of tiredness around the eyes.

These eye lifting patches come in 2 pairs, which I used under my eyes and above my brows for a more intensive treatment. I found that it helped to soothe and hydrate my delicate eye area that it instantly brightened around the eyes. While I had only used it once, I didn’t see any visible skin firming. Perhaps if I had more eye patches to try for a longer period of time, I may be able to see further improvements.

*Spirulines Wrinkle Eye Cream 15ml $85

Eye creams have made a regular appearance in my skincare routine. This wrinkle eye cream is described to instantly provide lifting effect all around the eyes: including the upper lids, crow’s feet, under eyes and eye contour.

This eye cream has a light, lusciously creamy texture that I prefer when it comes to using eye creams around my delicate eyes. It melts quickly and leaves a moisturised and radiant appearance. I found with over a month’s use, my eye area appeared  plumped, moisturised, reduced in appearance of tiredness, puffy and shadows. I don’t have wrinkles yet so I can’t see the effect, but the thin fine lines that are slowly creeping on the surface of my under eyes are slowly fading but have not disappeared.

Overall, another great product range from Ella Bache. The trio eye essentials are now part of my eye care routine in rotation with other eye treatments. They can help hydrate, nourish delicate skin around the eyes and for longer period use, fine lines and wrinkles can slowly minimised in their appearance.

To view the full eye treatments collection, more information or your nearest stockist, visit the Ella Bache website: ellabache.com.au.