Empty Products #9

Empty Products #9

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I can’t believe how much 2015 had disappeared before our eyes. Let’s hope 2016 brings us all good health, full of laughter, surprises and happiness. I’m back after a few weeks away for the Christmas break and family summer holidays up in Brisbane. Today, I bring you my first 2016/empties post and may be this is a little early in the new year, but I have given myself time to use up most of my beauty products.

There isn’t much to begin with, but I wanted to share with you what I am particularly proud about and with good reason at finishing products to the bone. Firstly, we have the Philosophy Amazing Grace perfume. I love this scent over the spring and early summer. I became addicted to this scent right away last winter and I just couldn’t pass using it almost every day. This is a very feminine scent that consists of flavour combinations of citrus, floral and musk. I have repurchased this and can’t wait to use it again.

While on our family summer holidays, I easily used up this Diptyque Florabellio edt that I received as a sample gift, I mentioned in my previous post, you can read here. This is something I probably wouldn’t gravitate toward immediately, but I just adored how clean and fresh it was on me. The weather in Brisbane was fairly up to summer standards, I just couldn’t pass spritzing on my skin and within 2 days it was gone. I know how expensive Diptyque products are and I wouldn’t necessarily repurchase for myself as I think there are plenty of affordable fragrances I would rather use. But I wouldn’t say no if someone had gifted me one of these one day!

Where do I begin with this product? I probably have been wowed in so much in 2015 with the new skincare products I have discovered. This is one of those MUST HAVE moisturisers everyone, I mean EVERYONE need as a part of their skincare routine. I just couldn’t not use it daily (morning & evening) and now that I have repurchased this Go-To Skincare Very Useful Face Cream (moisturising & protective), I am looking forward to continually seeing my skin get better. Check out the website and you will not be disappointed!

Have you used any of the products mentioned?


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