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ENBACCI: My Hand Care Routine For All Skin Types


Do you have a hand care routine like you do when you look after your face, neck and décolletage? Some of us forget that the skin on our hands can show premature signs of skin ageing. There are many ways to look after our hands from gentle scrubs, hand wash, hand creams, hand lotions to moisturisers containing SPF. Whatever products you use make sure to be consistent just like you do when you do your skincare routine daily. I have been trialling out a set of hand care products from Enbacci, an Australian skincare luxury brand that uses premium and technologically advanced ingredients in their skincare products.

I haven’t always been consistent when it comes to taking care of my hands. I have used hand washes that were way too harsh for my dry and eczema prone skin and used hand creams with artificial fragrance that irritate and have caused itchy, inflamed skin with blisters between my fingers or forget to put sunscreen on my hands. I have been more careful in recent times about what works for my skin especially around this area.

“Taking the right skincare precautions and having regular check-up’s with your GP or dermatologist will ensure your hands stay youthful and healthy for as long as possible.” Yong-Li Zhou, Founder of Enbacci..

Hand Care Gift Pack $65*

− Nourishing Hand Wash 280ml $28: the nourishing hand wash has been formulated to help effectively disinfect skin without leaving it deep dry or irritated. It is enriched with coconut oil (rich source of medium-chain fatty acids, glycerin (moisture) and fragranced with Enbacci’s signature scent (fruit & plant stem cells).

The transparent gel wash has an incredible scent that can be seen across Enbacci’s skincare line. To me it has a fresh scent of crisp apples that fades once you wash your hands under warm water. The product feels gentle between my hands and don’t feel dry, taut or have felt any skin irritation. I immediately notice my hands feel soft, smooth and hydrated after patting hands on a clean wash cloth

− Brightening Hand & Nail Cream SPF15 40ml $23: the brightening hand & nail cream spf15 helps to protect skin and nails from oxidative stresses caused by UV sun exposure and other environmental factors. It is formulated with aloe (soothing), shea butter, coconut oil, sweet almond oil (hydration), as well as vitamins a and e (help remove dead skin cells and reduce the appearance of age spots and age-induced wrinkles and lines.

The hand cream appears more like a whipped mouse cream, lightweight and has a smooth, but rich texture when applied to hands. This shares similar scent to the hand wash. It leaves a comfortable matte and dry touch and not a sticky or oily residual on the skin. I use this in rotation to other hand creams especially when I leave the house and know my hands are often exposed to the sun while driving or going for a walk.

− Moisturising Hand & Nail Cream 40ml $23: the moisturising hand & nail cream helps to promote optimal hand and nail health. It is an oil-in-cream formula that provides hydration to match the pH level of your skin. It is enriched with essential fatty acids and vitamins to help reduce inflammation, help to repair skin damage and improve skin’s ability to retain moisture levels after washing hands.

Like the other hand cream this too shares the same scent and dry touch feel. This is my evening hand cream that I have on my bed side table and it’s a reminder that I use this before bed every night. I have noticed overnight how my hands feel more softer, hydrated and healthy.

Overall, these products have helped me be become consistent with how I care for my hands everyday. To view the full Enbacci hand care range and this hand care gift pack, visit the brand’s flagship store located in Melbourne’s city fringe and online via:



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