Favourite Gift Ideas For DAD This Father’s Day!


Image Credit: Wonderfella.com / Text: Logoist.

Father’s Day can’t come any sooner and although this post is uploaded late, it is usually what drives me to select personalised gifts to give to my dad and for my husband. The adrenalin rush of choosing gifts to give and on behalf of my little boys make it a fun activity.

These last minute ideas are just some of my favourites and have been a winner year after year:

Fragrance: Selecting fragrances can be difficult, especially for other people. I have so far aced at picking up the right fragrances for my dad and my hubby. They gravitate towards similar scents, which for me makes it easier to choose. I found throughout the years that buying fragrances have become a hit and not just for Father’s Day.

Favourite Gift Ideas For DAD This Father's Day!

The *Trussardi Riflesso Eau De Toilette 50ml $95 is for the ambitious and successful man, a self-driven persona. Riflesso is described as an oriental woody, masculine scent that was launched in 2017, and created by perfumer Veronique Nyberg. The aromatic has a gorgeous, sweet, modern and sexy vibe. I really appreciate that this is not another deep sandalwood type scent that most men seem to be drawn towards. It is a refreshing scent that has a moderate longevity (approx. 8 hours) and silage. Its top notes: bergamot, pink grapefruit, green apple, middle notes: geranium, violet leaves, lavender flowers, and base notes: Italian leather, vetyver essence, tonka bean. You can purchase from David Jones and leading pharmacies.

Skincare: Another gift idea that contains personal preferences and knowing what skin type your dad or partner have, as it will be easier to curate a little tailored grooming basket for him.

The KLIM by Michael Klim men’s grooming collection of skincare has been designed by none other than himself. The range is described as high-performance, multi-functional and hydrating skincare. Inside your gift basket, you could include: *KLIM Swim Wash 375ml $14.95 – if your dad or your man enjoys his swimming activities, but doesn’t appreciate smelling like a swimming pool, this will help to deodorise that scent. You could also include face care products like the *KLIM Face Wash 150ml $12.95 – if dad or your man needs a new effective and straightforward face wash that has a natural based formula, which can help to cleanse skin by unplugging pores and preventing breakouts. This is paraben free and great for all skin types.

Lastly, *KLIM Face Moisturiser + Sunscreen 150ml $19.95 – there’s no excuse that your dad or your man can leave the home without slapping on some moisturiser with sunscreen. I know even us ladies forget this too! This is a multi–tasking type of product that is great for all skin types. It leaves skin feeling refreshed and protected and can also be used at night. It is enriched with Atlantic Ocean brown algae, green algae extract and vitamins A, B and E. To purchase and view the full range of KLIM by Michael Klim, check out their website. To find your nearest stockist, click here.

Photography: My personal favourite is putting together some professional shots of my little boys, which was done recently and I could gift a few shots of them for their grand dads. You can reprint digital copies from your photographer at home if you have a pinter and photo paper or in my case, at my local 24H Kmart store. The cost of printing is so affordable and picking up a frame to go with the photos in one place is amazing. A little D.I.Y won’t hurt and it’s the thought that counts.

What will you be getting for your DAD or Partner this Father’s Day?