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Favourite Nail-Care Must Haves

After years of not taking good care of my nails and hands (even though I use hand creams), I am not nearly consistent with taking good care of them. Recently, I discovered some products from DIOR that I had on my wishlist forever but had seen a few posts on instagram that prompted me to check out this line. Continue reading to learn more.

If you know me, I am one to never grow my nails longer than a few millimetres at a time. I prefer to keep my nails short at all times and disliked when they chip or break. The main reasons why keeping them short and unpolished was my doing but also for my minimal style, or at least attempting to keep things minimal.

Since I have entered a new decade into my life, I have began to hone in a more minimal style especially when it comes to taking better care of my hands, nails and overall skin health. Gone will be the days when I hoard skincare products, but that will come in a separate blog post for another time.

These are just some of the products I am using in rotation to keep my hands and nails in check:

  • Le Labo hand pommade mains 55ml – a creamy, non-greasy hand pomade for the roughest of hands. A plant-based formula made with shea butter, sweet almond and peony root to nourish, moisturise and repair skin. The Hinoki scent was inspired by the Buddhist temples of Mount Koya in Japan.
  • DIOR creme abricot nail cream – an iconic Dior Manicure nail care since 1963. It is renowned for its nourishing and moisturising properties, a highly rich formula that helps to fortify nails and improves resistance with visible results in just one month.
  • DIOR nail glow – the first nail care enamel by Dior that gives a brightening effect of a French Manicure in one application.

These products are available at Mecca (Le Labo), Sephora (Dior), Myer (Dior), David Jones (Dior) and via the brand’s websites and other authorised beauty stores nationwide.

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