First Impressions of The HOLA Compact Cushion Foundation

How cute right? Yes the packaging won me over, but did the actual product win me over too? Continue reading to learn more about this HOLA compact cushion foundation in Nude.

“The most simple and effective ingredients, brings you the most natural and healthy skin care”. – HOLA

*Compact Cushion Foundation Nude 15g x 2 AU$46

This compact cushion foundation comes beautifully packaged in a white box featuring coloured koala faces, which also is seen on the compact cushion foundation. Inside this box contains: an additional foundation refill and the compact and foundation in a koala mini canvas dust bag.

The compact is encased in a lightweight plastic casing and as you open, there is a mirror on the lid. The foundation is securely hidden with a lid also that comes with a round makeup applicator, with one side being white and attached a label tag HOLA, and on the other side being brown. There are only 2 shades available in this range which can only be found in ivory and nude.

The sponge inside this foundation felt slightly dense at first when I pressed my finger on to it to obtain some product to swatch on the back of my hand. I used a buffing brush instead to apply the foundation directly to my skin and blended it out that way.

From the swatch below, you can immediately see the varying colour on the compact versus the colour swatch on my hand. It is very much lighter which I can tell has more of a pink undertone. This shade did not suit my skin tone at all. Because of the very limited colour choice, this will not suit everyone, instead it will only be fit for fair to light skin tone beauties with neutral to pink undertones. Whilst, I believe this may have been inspired by Korean cushion foundations that usually carry lighter shades of foundations, sadly this was a miss for me.

Aside from the colour choice, applying the foundation using a makeup brush was easy and it blended nicely on certain areas of my face where there were no dry skin or pores. I did, however, find that the product sat on top of the pores instead of hiding them. I used a face primer to begin with before using the foundation. I found that it helped to minimise as much visibility of my large pores, but applying the foundation over it after allowing it to dry didn’t really help. I also found that the product hugged some minor dry skin areas near my nose, which I have experienced with other kinds of foundation formulas and wasn’t surprised that it would happen to this cushion foundation as well.

The foundation felt light and natural on the skin and while it didn’t blend well with my skin tone, it did feel hydrating and didn’t dry out my skin that much more. It left a nice semi-matte finish, however felt that it didn’t really dry down to a matte finish unless you apply a setting powder/spray. I didn’t keep it on my skin for very long as sadly the colour choice had put me off with a few other minor cons. It also claimed that this product would be suited for all skin types, but felt it would be best suited for normal skin types.

With that being said, I hope they do increase their colour selection, as I could see this product being liked with more people who have medium to dark skin complexions being able to use it. For the price you pay, I think it’s affordable and value for money as you receive a refill with this purchase. You can find this product and more from the HOLA brand at the Glamourflage website or visit the Glamourflage flagship store in Melbourne.

Have you tried this HOLA compact cushion foundation?


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