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I may have been the only one in my generation to have not watched any episodes of FRIENDS the tv show. I know they are now available to watch on Netflix, but I just never got into it like my friends did back in high school. The NEW collaboration with MAKEUP REVOLUTION is an exclusive Priceline collection that launched October 5th 2020.

The complete collection aims to transport you back to the 90s–think butterfly clips and low-rise denim. The collection includes: 3 x 9 pan eyeshadow palette from the 3 female lead characters–Rachel, Monica and Phoebe (RRP$16 ea). A REVOLUTION x FRIENDS limitless palette that features 27 eyeshadow shades (RRP $40), lipsticks (RRP$12 ea), lip glosses (RRP$12 ea) and a MAKEUP REVOLUTION x FRIENDS cosmetic bag (RRP$16).

*Rachel & Monica Eyeshadow Palette RRP$16

The Rachel palette features a variety of 9 neutral shades to help you create Rachel’s signature eye looks. “It’s like all my life everyone’s told me, ‘You’re a shoe! You’re a shoe! You’re a shoe!

The Monica palette features an array of 9 copper and warm neutral shades to help you create Monica’s 9-‘s inspired eye looks. “I know, I know.

*REVOLUTION x FRIENDS Lipsticks in Phoebe, Rachel, Monica RRP$12

The nostalgic collectable lipsticks are a line up of the best-selling satin kiss lipstick shades encased in limited edition FRIENDS design. The shades are: Phoebe (deep pink), Monica (soft peachy-pink) and Rachel (soft mauve).

The new and full collection from FRIENDS x MAKEUP REVOLUTION are now available at Priceline stores and online.

*PR samples with no obligation to post. All opinions here are 100% mine.

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