GARNIER SkinActive Hyaluron Shot Fresh-Mix Tissue Mask


Garnier SkinActive have recently released 2 new tissue masks as part of the fresh-mix range in hyaluron and vitamin c. For the purpose of this review, I will be focusing on the hyaluron tissue mask.

*Hyaluron Shot Fresh-Mix Tissue Mask 30 ml $6.95

The hyaluron shot fresh-mix tissue mask is best described as a mask that contains one bottle of serum with hyaluronic acid and an algae tissue mask that is suppose to help plump and smooth skin.

Often skin experiences dehydration and is exposed to sunlight, and pollution that can make skin feel worn out. A shot of this mask can be the solution to effectively hydrate skin. It is known that the ingredient hyaluronic acid can retain 1000 times its weight in water and this is a very effective agent that can replenish thirsty skin.

The tissue mask was easy to use and steps can be found at the back of the sheet mask sachet.

How to use:

  1. fold the sachet according to the arrow and dotted line
  2. push all the juice into the tissue chamber and wait 1 minute to make sure it is fully impregnated
  3. push all the juice until the seal opens
  4. open the sachet and apply the mask on the face. Remove after 15mins, massage the excess or remove with a cotton pad.

The tissue mask is thin and delicate that can easily rip if you aren’t careful. The thin tissue mask fit my round face nicely. I did find that it slightly slipped out of place here and there and that is because of the richness of the juice. There was ample juice, which I applied to my neck, décolletage, hands and arms for extra hydration. There is no scent, but it felt cooling and soothing to my skin. I could feel the product being absorbed and 15 mins was plenty of time for the skin to drink as much of this product. After removing the tissue mask and instead of wiping off the excess, I gently pat it back into the skin. I found that my skin looked refreshed, soothed redness, skin felt soft, plumped and hydrated, and appeared radiantly happy.

Overall, I am impressed with how you can instantly refresh skin using this tissue mask in 15 minutes. I would consider purchasing in the near future.

The Garnier SkinActive fresh-mix tissue masks are available from September 2018 at Priceline store and online, and Pharmacies nationally. To find out your nearest stockist, visit Garnier’s website.