Get Rehydrated with Akhal Beauty

The last few months I have been incorporating a new Australian skincare brand, Akhal Beauty. Akhal uses organic ingredients from Morocco – Argan kernels, Prickly pear seeds, Rose petals and Rhassoul volcanic rocks, which are harvested by women’s collectives in the south of Morocco.

For every product sold, Akhal donates $1 from each product to their non-profit partner CIFD. This is an organisation that provides school transportation for children living in the remote High Atlas Mountain region of Morocco.

“Akhal [a-khal] is an Indigenous Moroccan word that means Earth. The key difference between Akhal and other products is the quality of the ingredients used, the care with which products are crafted and the strength of the relationships with local growers and their communities. Akhal does not use chemicals or additives, does not test on animals and prefers eco-friendly plants requiring limited to no irrigation water. All Akhal materials and packaging are sourced in Australia and are 100% eco-friendly and recyclable.” –

*Pure Rhassoul Clay 40ml

Rhassoul means “to cleanse” in Moroccan and with this clay mask gently exfoliates and draws out impurities without drying the skin. As the clay mask dries on the skin, I felt it tightened as it helped to cleanse and minimise the appearance of my large pores. I noticed the difference after rinsing off the mask that my skin felt instantly smooth, soft and looked refreshed. The clay is derived from volcanic rocks, which were from ancient lava deposits adjoining the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

*Organic Argan Kernel Oil 30ml

This facial oil is a treatment perfect if you experience scarring, as well as dry skin due to its high levels of vitamin E and fatty acids. Use 2-3 drops for the face and neck, and press into the skin. It can help to relieve dehydration, leaving skin supple and radiant. I found this to be a perfect step after toning and before moisturising as it helped to absorb more moisture deep into the skin.

*Organic Rose Hydrolat / Hydrosol 100ml

This hydrolat is a gentle toner that consists of a lovely rose scent. If you love rose scents, you will thoroughly enjoy using this on your skin. It contains antibacterial properties that make it a great skin astringent. It can also help to reduce and calm down inflammation and irritated skin in association with dry-dehydrated skin issues.

*Organic Prickly Pear Seed Oil 15ml

This facial oil contains extremely high in essential fatty acids, natural vitamin E, vitamin K and is ideal to prevent prematurely ageing skin and help to fight dark circles. I rotate this in my evening skincare routine in conjunction with the Argan Kernel oil. As this is more of a rich oil, I use it sparingly about 2 times a week, after my usual cleanse and tone.

Overall, I am quite happy to continue using these products in rotation with my day and evening skincare regiment. Along with other products I use, I found that these products have helped to combat my dry-dehydrated skin.

You can find the full range of Akhal Beauty on their website here. They offer free shipping to all Australian Orders and international shipping available. To keep updated on the latest, follow Akhal Beauty on social media: Facebook and Instagram.


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