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GLASSHOUSE FRAGRANCES: Casablanca Triple Scented Candle


Glasshouse Fragrances are one of my favourite candle brands. I have lit around my home the Tahaa (vanilla caramel), Bordeaux (vanilla noir) and Manhattan (little black dress) candles in both the large and small sizes. Adding to my love for scented candles is this limited edition Casablanca.

“Conjure the evocative, sun-drenched port setting as juicy blackberry, sensual musk and bergamot transport you to fascinating Morocco, where intricate Moorish artistry meets the crumbling glamour of art deco on the Atlantic Coast.” – Glasshouse Fragrances.

*Casablanca Tiple Scented Candle 350g $46.50

The holographic with pink and art-deco detailing on the box is as stunning as they get. This limited edition Casablanca is still available to purchase online, so, if you thought you’d miss out, there’s still time to pick one or two for you and someone who loves candles or simply restock it because as they say, once it’s gone, it will be gone forever!

The beautiful and addictive aroma will fill up your room and perhaps drift around your home, as this 350g will last you for a while. It is a two wick candle that allows for even burning and can have an intense fragrant. The top notes: moss, bergamot, pear, middle notes: jasmine, blackberry, lily, base notes: vanilla, creamy musk, raspberry. It is an intense scent, but isn’t the overwhelming sweet, fruity and musky suffocating scent you might be imagining. The candle is rated a 4/5 on the Glasshouse Fragrances website and I think even before you light this candle, the scent is naturally filling up your personal space. If you aren’t familiar with Glasshouse Fragrances, these candles are handmade in Australia, using the highest quality non-toxic wax and natural lead-free cotton wicks.

What are your fave Glasshouse candle scents?


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