GOOD MOLECULES: Skincare Solutions With Best-in-Class Ingredients


GOOD MOLECULES: Skincare Solutions With Best-in-Class Ingredients

If you’re new to Good Molecules, you’re not alone. I have been seeing their products all over my social media feeds and can’t say enough how drawn I was by their cool and sassy packaging. Good Molecules was founded by a team of beauty industry veterans creating through research skincare solutions formulated with best-in-class ingredients. The brand offer products for targeting skin issues like acne, redness and hyperpigmentation. Continue reading to learn more about these products.

I was recently contacted by Serene from Beautylish who helped pick products that were suited for my skin type, being combination-dry and sensitive skin, I wanted to target my skin issues: large pores, dehydrated skin, signs of ageing and control oil production around my t-zone. I was sent four products, but have since been using three at the time of this review going live on my blog.

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Instant Cleansing Balm 75ml $22.01*

I have used a few other cleansing balms, but never one that I have instantly fallen in love with and I’ll tell you why. The instant cleansing balm helps skin to dissolve makeup, dirt, environmental pollutants and other impurities. Rinse with water as it will transform your skin with a comfortably clean, non-drying, not-tight or stripping skin. This is a solid cleansing balm that transforms into a silky milk when mixed with water. The formula is residue-free, which means no product is left behind and no film of oil left over the skin. It’s key ingredients include: sea buckthorn oil, camellia oil and shea butter. This product is suitable for vegans and daily use as it comes with a spatula to allow you to scoop out a generous amount for each use.

I love that this cleansing balm comes with a spatula and I found that it instantly melts into skin and draws out impurities as it really removes all traces of makeup, including waterproof mascara and sunscreen. You just know when your skin feels squeaky clean and fresh, this step one does everything. When I’m in no mood for a long (double cleanse) skincare routine (usually when I didn’t have makeup on), this is both my steps one and two. Don’t judge until you’ve tried it!

The verdict: This is an amazing yet affordable cleansing balm that is now a staple in my skincare routine. I am en route to purchasing it soon. I highly recommend you get this because even though I have tried other brands, this is quite gentle on and around the eye area. I can open my eyes and blink, and not a smidge of product seeps into my eyes and tries to irritate the daylights out of it. Jokes aside, what are you waiting for? Check out Beautylish and add it to your cart. You bet you won’t regret it and you’re welcome!

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Hyaluronic Acid Serum 30ml $8.80*

Did you guess? Dry skin folks have a love affair with hyaluronic acid. Maybe not you, yet, but ever since I knew what hyaluronic acids were, it was love at first sight. For newbies: it is a clear and gooey substance that is naturally produced by our bodies, found in our skin, connective tissues and eyes. It’s main function is to moisture-bind (over 1,000 times its weight in water) to keep skin lubricated, plump and hydrated.

Not quite convinced? That’s okay, but if you have dry and dehydrated skin you will want to keep on reading. So you have dry skin or dehydrated skin type and that’s me all year long! I have tried other similar ones and they work fine but the problem can sometimes not be about the product but the affordability. No one wants to spend too much on a product that you can find a very good dupe on that will ultimately give similar results if not better. Like I mentioned, hyaluronic acid is moisture-binding and helps to protect skin from dehydration. The hyaluronic acid serum is lightweight and is a water-based formula that is perfect for the many layers of products we apply on our skin and under makeup. It is ideal to use daily by applying a few drops before oils, creams and moisturisers. Allow the product to be fully absorb for 30-45 seconds before continuing with your skincare routine. This product has a pH: 5.59 and is vegan, gluten-free and fragrance-free.

The texture of this serum is a hybrid between an essence and a standard serum (something like a watered down version of an essence). I apply this serum post essence and I can feel it quickly being absorbed and allowing for the serum to settle into my skin for about 30 seconds. It leaves my skin supple, soft, smooth and leaves a subtle healthy plumpness (is that even a word?!). If anyone else has tried this product and adore it, you get just how life changing this has been for our dry-dehydrated skin types. I used this sparingly at least once a day and layer if my skin feels severely drier than usual, but you can bet this will be all you need to crush those thirsty dry and dehydrated skins.

The verdict: You need it even if you don’t get dry or dehydrated skin. It makes for good use as a base to layer with other serums in your routine or as a base for matte makeup like matte foundations. If you want your skin to look plumped, supple and healthy looking, get it because you won’t regret it. I will repurchase at some point after I get through the other 1214 serums in my skincare stash, but for those looking to change up their hyaluronic acid serum, this is as good as the other brand and you know which one I’m talking about.

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Niacinamide Serum 30ml $8.80*

This is a product I have been most excited to try simply because I am a huge fan of Niacinamide the ingredient. As I mentioned above, the other brand who will remain nameless has one like this as well and I have been a loyal fan of that. So can you imagine when this product became a part of my new skincare routine? I was nervous that maybe this would have me switching over. Boy was I in for a ride.

The niacinamide serum is to help promote a smooth, even skin and to help minimise the appearance of pores. It can also help with uneven skin tone, dullness and strengthen skin’s barrier function to help reduce moisture loss. This serum has been formulated with 10% niacinamide (vitamin b3). It is a lightweight water-based formula and similarly like hyaluronic acid, can be layered seamlessly under skincare and as a base under makeup. Apply a few drops to skin morning and night before oils, creams and moisturisers. This has a ph: 6.52 and is fragrance-free.

This serum has similar consistency as the hyaluronic acid serum except that it is slightly thicker like your average standard serum. The good news is that it’s lightweight and absorbed quickly without leaving a tacky residue, which is what it separates it from its competitors. If you use it twice daily in your skincare routine you will find that it will help to reduce the appearance of large pores versus when you use it once daily it’s not so obvious. I have been using this on and off for two months and while it hasn’t completely reduced the size of my pores, I am happy to note that it has helped to even out my uneven skin tone and has helped to minimise textured skin around my cheeks. While my pores has reduced slightly from using a variety of skincare products, there’s no doubt that using this product has contributed to how my pores appear today.

The verdict: You definitely have to be consistent in how regularly you apply this serum as it can ultimately affect the result of how your pores will appear. For me, it didn’t make such a significant change, however, I will give it credit for how my skin texture and uneven skin tone has slightly changed. I know this is because people noticed how my skin has been looking pretty good lately and have received lovely compliments. Should you buy it? That’s completely up to you and this may work better for your skin, who knows and not until you try it will you only know!

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