GUCCI Rouge De Beauté Brillant Lipstick – 113 Linnet Stone

The latest lipsticks to join the GUCCI beauty family is the rouge de beauté brillant collection. The range is part of their permanent line as part of the glow & care—a hybrid formula with a combination of sheer and satin lipsticks.


There are 15 shades to ranging from vibrant hues of reds, pinks, corals and nudes. And 3 new shades (308 Lucy Dark Orange, 508 Diana Amber, 527 Abbie Maroon Red) recently added to the collection.


A hybrid lipstick with a dual-action formula, the Glow & Care Lip Colour is deeply moisturising and long-lasting with high shine power. Offering a luminous finish that lasts, it is the perfect combination of a sheer and satin lipstick. –


GUCCI Rouge De Beauté Brillant 113 Linnet Stone 1.8g AU$58

The 113 linnet stone lipstick appears as a browny nude shade that’s perfect for everyday wear. The lipstick has a vegan formula that is infused with black rose oil, peony oil, jojoba seed oil, karité butter and hyaluronic acid. The texture is buttery and applies a thin, smooth and evenly layer to lips. There is a strong floral scent that I am not fond of-it is quite off-putting immediately when I remove the lid and apply to my lips.


The scent stays on even after applying the lipstick. I had to remove it right away because the scent didn’t seem right for me. It reminded me of the chemical scent/taste of those Revlon lipsticks. If you know you might not like this. I do however, plan to give it another try and see if I can put up with the scent. Aside from the scent, the lipstick does seem to moisturise my lips and though the application doesn’t last on the lips for that long, it is recommended to reapply whenever you need it.


It claims that it would leave a luminous glowing finish to lips with a long-lasting shine for 4+ hours, a subtle lip-plumping and smoothing effect. I couldn’t leave it on my lips for that long because the scent wasn’t pleasant.


The lipstick is encased in a weighted slim gold bullet with a unique vintage inspired print of black and gold brooches that is wrapped around the lipstick lid. The actual product is slanted and is said for a more easier application and glide. While this is a lipstick, it can also be used to apply on the cheeks but not suitable for the eye area.


Overall, I do enjoy the presentation of this lipstick and the quality of the colour and some benefits. The biggest turn off is the scent and taste. If this happens to come from a bad batch then it’s unfortunate. I truly hope there isn’t a strong scent, well at least not this type that I tried to describe. It may have stopped me from ordering more from this line for now, but I am still interested at exploring the other lipstick collections.


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