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HAPPYSKIN CO: An At-Home IPL Hair Removal Handset Gen2.


When Covid hit–for most of us that depended on visiting salons to get hair removal treatments, meant that we had to postpone or cancel these appointments. When I learnt about HappySkinCo at-home IPL hair removal handset, I was thrilled to get on board and try for myself. Being in locked down gave me an opportunity to explore how to use hair removal handset in the privacy of my home, and watch my hair removal journey. Want to know how it went? Continue reading.

What is it?

The HappySkin Gen2 is a new and improved at-home IPL laser hair removal handset with 5 different levels of intensity that ranges 1.5-5.5J/cm2. The new sleek design is ergonomically powerful that includes a quieter, more efficient fan and has a 20% large light window to treat more area. There are 3 colours available: black, white and pink handset.

It claims that with 500k flashes this handset can last up to 20 years, you will see visible results after a few uses, it is gentle on the skin that can be used on any body part including Brazilian and face (excluding the eye area), it is suitable for all but the darkest of skin tones, and it is quick and easy to use from the comfort of your own home.

How to use it?

You have to make sure to first shave your desired areas before using this handset. A close to skin shave is recommended. The hair follicle needs to be in tact for IPL to be effective. No waxing, plucking, threading or use of epilating before attempting to use this hair removal handset.

A step by step guide of instructions are included in every box. Read carefully before attempting to use. Patch test a small area to your preferred setting to make sure you don’t have any adverse side affects. Some commonly seen side affects includes redness and swelling of skin.

Final thoughts?

I started using the at-home hair removal handset Gen2. journey on 22/07/2020 at 4th speed. I used this speed setting for the first 6 weeks. From day one to week 5 it doesn’t look like I have much hair on my legs, but I have hair growth and sparse hair all over the bottom half of my legs. I regularly experience red bumps from shaving and even when I used body scrubs, which helps at times, it is nearly impossible to completely get rid of it. Using this handset didn’t hurt, though there was some times that it felt like it pinched my skin. Pain threshold here was about 3.5/10.

From the 4th week into using HappySkin Co Gen2 handset, I had noticed that I didn’t need to shave my legs every few days that I usually had to do. I could get away from shaving now to once a week and my legs appeared less hairy and my skin began to feel less bumpy. During week 5, I found my legs didn’t itch as much, as I regularly experienced from shaving. Instead, my legs began to feel smoother and softer to touch, and I know I can experience this by incorporating body moisturisers and lotion, but having no hair on my legs meant it was easy to apply body care products on my skin and absorb readily. The use of this at-home IPL hair removal handset has helped to lessen shaving and minimised the appearance of red bumps that can be seen from shaving legs. By this time, I didn’t feel any pinched-like pain from using the handset.

From week 6 to week 10, I found that I could begin to shave even less now that I had increased the speed to the final 5th speed. This meant that I could shave every 2nd week instead of weekly. The hair on my legs didn’t grow as quickly, as it did when I shaved every few days and during these times, using the handset minimised and slowed down the growth of hair on my legs. The bumps you see from week-10 photo is post shaved legs, but by this week the bumps reduced and are flat instead of bumps on the surface of the skin.

I spent the final two weeks just watching and feeling my legs to see if I could once again get away from shaving. I shaved once in between these weeks, but it wasn’t a full bottom half leg shave. There are parts of my legs that no longer have hair growth, while there are still other parts that have minimal hair growth. By the end of my 12-week journey, I definitely felt that the HappySkin Co handset helped to slow down the progress of hair growth, it helped to minimise the appearance of red bumps and general bumps on the skin. My skin felt smoother and softer, which made it easy to apply body moisturisers and lotions that helped to absorb products better. It also improved the look of my legs from dry, dull, scaley legs to more nourished and healthy looking legs.

From now and beyond, I still plan to continue using this handset, but instead of weekly, I will use it every 2nd to 3rd month. I am impressed by how much the growth of leg hair had slowed down and overall how my skin appears and is ready for summer.


*PR sample for review consideration. All opinions here are 100% mine.

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