Hello Hydration With Clinique Moisture Surge Skincare

Hydration Station - Clinique Moisture Surge Skincare

Even though winter is almost over, it does not mean dehydrated skin is gone forever. Other seasons can still dry our skin when we do not take care of it properly. I know this from many years of experience, thinking in my mind that only in winter time do I experience the worst of dehydrated skin. No, this is not always true, at times, summer can be really bad, as I often forget to keep up with my water intake. Does this ever happen to you too?

As I get older, I have noticed how much my skincare routine has changed over time. My skin tend to fall more on the dry-dehydrated than the combination skin type. I know that I need to work on reminding myself to drink more water and to take care of my skin and body better.

It was a lovely surprise when I received a nice moisture surge care package from Clinique Australia. This *Clinique Water Bottle is a great reminder that hydration is an important part of life. I intend to use it, but it could also play a nice decorative piece on my desk while I work.

Hydration Station - Clinique Moisture Surge Skincare 2

*Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray – this face spray has a nice refreshing feel and I especially enjoy using this when ever my skin needs extra fluids to keep it hydrated and get through summer. I especially like to take this onboard when travelling on a plane where the air-conditioned environment can dry out the skin. A travel-sized bottle would come in handy.

*Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask – this overnight mask is pack full of nutrients, including soothing aloe and other plant extracts. Using this mask will turn your dry skin into plump, soft and radiant by the next day. It can leave the skin a dewy finish, but by the next day, you will have a happy skin.

Hydration Station - Clinique Moisture Surge Skincare 3

*Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief – another refreshing gel-creme formula that soothes dry-dehydrated skin. If you experience heavy dry skin, this is something you have to try, as I found it to not only bring back hydration, but relieves and calms the skin for a full 24 hours. Apply as often as needed and it is suitable to use under or over makeup.

All three products are suitable for all skin types and I have used all in the past, which I have loved, loved and loved. This is by far the best skincare line for dry to dehydrated skin type I have come across and I recommend this to you guys if you are in the market to try some new skin treatment to solve your dry/dehydrated skin issue.

What is your favourite Clinique skincare product?

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