Herbivore Blue Clay Spot Treatment Mask

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Lately, I have been experiencing a lot more acne than usual and it is probably due to stress and lack of sleep. I have been looking forward to one day using a skincare product that can help to eliminate annoying spots and leaving behind acne scars. I despise them so much that I wished they never existed. 

I have not had any luck in terms of finding a great face mask that can help to soothe sometimes itchy, red, blotchy spots that can also prevent skin from drying and become prone to more spots. There are probably many products out there that can do all of these and more, but at the time, I could not find them and then I somehow stumbled on this brand over on instagram and have not looked back since.

You know by now I am all about cruelty free skincare and anything that offers natural and organic ingredients. I have come to a better understanding about what skincare products to use for my kind of skin. Although, there are still at times I can get it wrong and it will always be a learning curve, as many more new products come into the beauty market.

Herbivore Blue Clay Spot Treatment MaskS

What drew me to this face mask is the name and what is claims to do: Blue Clay Spot Treatment Maskis formulated to reduce existing blemishes while deeply detoxifying the skin.” Simple to understand and pretty straightforward. I really do believe this has helped to keep my skin clear from those nasties that come at me every month. I love the refreshing spearmint scent that is also cooling on the skin.

It is easy to use, mix dry powder with a bit of water, then using my fingers to apply a thin layer all over my face, but you can just apply to areas that require more attention. It dries quickly as it hardens and changes colour from a pastel blue to a light grey. As a result, this mask leaves my skin supple, refreshed and hydrated. I know I can rely on this when ever my skin looks dull, feels congested and needs a deep detoxifying treatment. This is suitable for people who experience oily skin, but I have dry-combination and this also works fine for my skin type.

What is your favourite spot/detoxifying treatment? 

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