HERBS & HEART: Natural Ingredients + Earth Conscious = Great Skin


You may have already read my last review on Herbs + Heart, so here are 2 more you may want to add to your wishlist for the next time you are doing some online skincare shopping. A recap, Herbs + Heart skincare are proudly cruelty-free with a curated range of vegan-friendly products. The packaging are made from fully recyclable glass and are locally sourced ingredients from ethical, and environmental conscious suppliers.

“It is our hope to empower our consumer to make informed decisions when choosing their skincare. We instil this confidence by outlining the properties and benefits of our key ingredients, allowing you to truly understand what it is you are feeding your skin.” – Herbs + Heart.

*Elixir 10ml $28 (100ml $130)

The elixir has a lovely light serum formula designed to target dull and stressed skin, as well as when the skin needs extra tlc. It has a refreshing scent and a smooth coffee coloured texture that melts quickly and leaves skin matte and gives a subtle glow.

It’s key ingredients are:

Green Coffee Beans: unroasted cold processed beans, enrich with essential fatty acids, sterols and vitamin e. It also offers antioxidants that can offer protection against sun damage.
Jasmine: botanical extracts of Jasmine can help to nourish skin (balance moisture), help with uneven skin tone, and help to protect skin from environmental stressors.
Avocado: aside from the good fats, they also contain high levels of antioxidants, carotenoids, vitamins e and c, and protect against damage of free radicals.

This elixir is great to use post cleanser twice a day, but it is also good as a makeup primer, as it can help prolong the longevity of makeup while hydrating, and keeping skin look youthful. The mini 10ml size lasted about a month and as I got closer to the end, I found it difficult to dispense out the product as the pump tube falls short and doesn’t touch the bottom of the bottle. There may have been some product wasted, but I tried to get the remaining out as much as I could. Aside from that, I did really enjoy using this in my skincare routine and would happily purchase once I have used more of my opened skincare products.

*Aloe Whip 10g Sampler (100ml $29.99)

The aloe whip moisturising cream has a creamy but light silky texture that glides onto skin to help improve firmness and hydration.

It’s key ingredients are:

Aloe Vera: known as a topical miracle skin healer, it’s natural enzymes and vitamins can also deeply moisturise and restore skins pH balance.
Camellia Oil: helps to improve the look of wrinkles, contains anti-ageing ingredient collagen to help keep skin plump and supple. It is rich in oleic acid, vitamins a, b, d, as well as omega 3, 6, and 9 to help nourish skin.
Oats: it is especially effective on dry and sensitive skin types. The oats can also help to reduce redness and inflammation associated with irritation from excessive sun exposure.

This moisturising cream has a delightful hint of vanilla and muesli scent, which when combined with other heroic ingredients feel divine on a dull and dry skin screaming for hydration—an instant pick-me-up! My skin has been dancing and it’s been amazing to use this in conjunction with the elixir as they both work beautifully together.

Don’t forget to add these amazing, healthy skincare products to your shopping carts, you won’t be disappointed!