HOLA Australia Rose Replenishing Range

It must be a dream to find rose scented skincare anywhere, but from HOLA Australia and not be tempted to sniff it all the time. I have been on a crazy journey with using ample rose scented beauty products this year and all I can say is that won’t stop. Continue reading to learn more about these gorgeous products.

*Rose Petal Replenishing Water 150ml AU$39

This petal replenishing water is described as a rich in essence from rose petals (there are tiny rose petals inside), as it conditions, nourishes to maintain moisture and minimise the size of pores. I found this product to be concentrated and a little goes a long way. It is essentially a luxurious lazy beauty’s go-to for when you can’t be bothered to cleanse skin the usual way. This requires just a cotton round pad and no rinse necessary. You can use this as part of a double cleansing routine as it works effectively to remove traces of makeup and impurities on the skin. I found it also kept my skin feel hydrated, feel smooth and soft to touch. This is a girl’s new best friend.

*Rose Replenishing Toner 150ml AU$32

This toner is described to promote rapid absorption into the epidermis resulting in silky smooth skin. It contains ingredients such as roses, vitex and chamomile that provides a double cleansing effect, as it removes any makeup residue, whilst helping to minimise pores. This toner has a gentle cooling effect on skin as it also calms and skin feels refreshed. The fragrant rose scent is subtle again and enough for you to fall in love with.

*Rose Replenishing Lotion 150ml AU$34

This lotion is described to prevent skin dryness and tightening while providing a smooth glowing finish. This uses all natural ingredients such as roses and chamomile which help to improve and refine skin. I found this lotion instantly softens, smooths and hydrates my skin for days. It has a non-greasy feel and dries quickly. I have quite enjoyed using this product daily and have almost ran out. This has a beautiful rose scent that is subtle and not suffocating to your nostrils. I would purchase this product as it has become the most used body lotion since it’s been in my possession.

You can find the full range of HOLA Rose skincare on their website. For more information follow on their social media: Instagram.


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